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Jane Tracy’s Legacy Raises Awareness Through Art By Supporting Women & Children. Peter Tracy Helps Artists’ Families Honor Loved Ones, Find Closure, And Make The World A Better Place

Artist Jane Tracy left behind hundreds of original paintings.  Her family discovered them in storage shortly after her death and quickly realized the role art could play in raising awareness for those in need.  They donated a significant collection to various organizations to assist in their fundraising efforts. Jane’s husband, Peter, is working to help other families honor their beloved late artists and find closure. He welcomes inquiries from others in a similar situation. The Rickie Report shares a story of gratitude and continued giving.




ORIGINAL      WORKS     by    JANE     TRACY:







Honoring Late Artist’s Wishes to Support Women & Children

Helping Families with Deceased Artist’s Inventory



“Around The Playground” by Jane Tracy



The award winning artist exhibited her paintings, during her lifetime, at a variety of museums and galleries throughout the Northeast and in South Florida. The bold, powerful and vivid abstract art, reflective of the joy that fueled Jane Tracy’s creative process, are now supporting women and children. Led by husband Peter Tracy, The Estate of Artist Jane Tracy strives to honor her memory and her wishes. 


“She was a teacher, a prolific artist, and she was passionate about helping women, children and families,” says husband Peter Tracy.  “We couldn’t believe the number of paintings we found in storage.  She left instructions in her will that her work should be donated to help others but it wasn’t easy,” points out Peter.



“Floating” by Jane Tracy



He had no precedent and there was no roadmap to guide his mission to fulfill his wife’s wishes. After dozens of phone calls, meetings and hurdles, he identified a few organizations that could benefit from Jane’s paintings and they enthusiastically embraced his offer, ultimately donating more than 400 original abstract paintings.


“Jane’s artwork is not just a donation to us, but it’s about making a difference in the children’s lives,” affirms Melissa Vera, Development Manager, Family Resource Center of South Florida, Inc.  “We have successfully featured Jane Tracy’s artwork in our fundraising efforts which support our mission and programs that help children.”



Peter created the video “Van Gogh & Jane” to raise awareness and promote the sale of her paintings.



The process was an eye opener for Peter, he wasn’t the only one with inventory from a deceased artist. He plans to share his experience so that others can honor their loved ones and find closure. He has already acquired a domain for deceased artists inventory.  “I’m in the process of a creating a website where family members and non-profits could connect and help each other,” explains Peter.  He welcomes inquiries from others in a similar situation.


In the meantime, Jane Tracy’s family is encouraged by the successful fundraising efforts of these organizations and is committed to promoting the concept of supporting those in need through art. 



“On Good Terms” by Jane Tracy


“People love to purchase art at fundraisers to be able to give back to nonprofit organizations while being able to get art for themselves,” says Melissa Vera, Development Manager, Family Resource Center of South Florida, Inc. “We encourage family members of deceased artists who find themselves with inventory to reach out to non-profits and organizations in their communities, just as Peter Tracy did.”


“People can make a difference if they want to,” points out Peter Tracy.  “We hope the public will consider purchasing an original painting to help women and children, which was very important to Jane.”


To explore original paintings by Jane Tracy and support women and children through her art please go to www.JaneTracyArt.  Stay tuned for the Deceased Artist’s Inventory site currently under construction.



“Oh So Taxing” by Jane Tracy



About Jane Tracy

Award winning artist Jane Tracy was a creative force her entire life.  She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Central Michigan University and went on to teach art in Montpelier, VT.  In 1968 she married Peter Tracy and continued her life’s journey as an artist. Her experiences were diverse. She worked in advertising and as a studio potter Jane created functional stoneware that was sold throughout the eastern United States. In 1972 she became a potter-in-residence at the Guilford Art Center in Guilford, CT.  The dynamic and vibrant artist opened Curious Jane’s Restaurant in 1977 with great success through 1981. She even designed the couple’s home in Branford, CT, which was featured in a variety of publications. She launched her career as a painter in 1985; her passion for color, texture and movement apparent in each of the hundreds of abstract paintings she ultimately created. Jane’s art is powerful and vivid, reflective of the joy that fueled her creative process.

Jane divided her time between her homes in South Florida and Connecticut.  She participated in a variety of juried shows and exhibited her work in numerous art centers, galleries and museums throughout South Florida, including the Armory Art Center in 2015 and 2016.


Jane was a signature member of the Artists’ Guild of the Boca Raton Museum of Art and the Guilford Art League; a member of the Broward Art Guild, Creative Arts Workshop, Madison Art League, Palm Beach Watercolor Society,  Florida Watercolor Society; New Haven Paint and Clay Club,  International Society of Experimental Artists, WITVA Women in the Visual Arts, International Society of Acrylic Painters, National Association of Women Artists, Connecticut Women Artists and a founding member of the Blue Moon Group.


As a lifelong advocate for women’s rights and children, Jane would be thrilled to know her paintings will benefit charitable organizations that serve those in need.


Jane’s Artist Statement

Making art is always a challenge. The sensory involvement and visceral stimulation needed  requires a commitment – a commitment to struggle through the process – enjoying the moments of success and triumphing over the ever-present grind of making compositional selections of color, line, value or shape.


Non-representational paintings compel me to surrender to my intuition and to trust my inner-urge to experiment. The process of continually making choices and decisions– what to add, what to keep, what to eliminate, what to repeat and ultimately, when to stop–is both  daunting and exhilarating.


The thrill of a uniquely textured surface, the contrasting interplay of warm and cool colors, the surprise of unplanned subtleties are some of the factors in my highly personal, solitary painting experiences that inspire me each time I begin a new painting. The knowledge that there will always be another blank surface for me to paint serves as my ultimate inspiration.




“Lunar Expression” by Jane Tracy



Supporting Women & Children Through Art:


You can support the following organizations with the purchase of an original Jane Tracy painting:

Family Resource Center of South Florida –

Armory Art Center –

The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade –

Additional Links:






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