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Caryl Pomales Offers Specially Priced 3 Day Painting Encounter October 5-7 Including Video And Zoom. Don’t Miss Her Free Cool Palette Guide Chart & Video

Caryl Pomales presents a 3 day Painting EncounterColorful Autumn Abstracts” which will transform your artistry on October 5-7, 2021! It includes video and live demonstrations for just $37.00! Whether you have been an acrylic painter for a few years or are easing into acrylic painting, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Separately, Caryl  is offering a FREE Color Palette Chart and video guide to help artists like you improve their ability to nail the perfect autumn landscape painting. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of Caryl’s latest paintings.

Caryl Pomales 

3 day Painting Encounter

Colorful Autumn Abstracts

October 5-7




“Botswana in Autumn”  Travel Series by Caryl Pomales



~  Online  3  Day  Painting  Encounter  




~  Includes  Video  and  Live  Demonstrations  plus  Feedback  




~  Just   $37.00  






“Sky” Atmospheric Series” by Caryl Pomales



• Those willing to experience a creative journey of visual art


• Those who want to learn acrylic abstract painting techniques


• Creatives who want to explore what it means to create freely and to gain a better understanding of the elements that make for a more dynamic painting


• Artists with basic experience will find this a perfect place to transform their abstract painting practice, while more experienced artists will expand their skills.








“Golden Bluff” Travel Series by Caryl Pomales

Perhaps you have photo images that you’re dying to translate into an abstract piece of art or maybe you are inspired by other works of art that you admire, and want to create your own unique piece of art within your own voice—but you’re not sure how.  I love to travel, and I find that painting abstract landscapes is the perfect way to forge a deeper connection with places that I love. Let me teach you how to do it!





“Storm” Atmospheric Series by Caryl Pomales




Here’s how it works:

• Each morning, you’ll receive a short pre-recorded video with a lesson and demonstration.


• Then, each day, I’ll go live in a Zoom session at 12:00 p.m. EST for an hour.


○ During this time, I’ll paint and teach you about how to create a striking and bold abstract landscape using a harmonious color scheme, large shapes, and the power of your mind and your paintbrush to create an abstract landscape painting you’ll be proud of.


• If you are unable to attend the live session or would like a second look at the session, the replay will be available later that evening.


I’d love for you to join the live sessions so I can demonstrate for you personally and address any of your specific questions.

By the end of the three-day encounter, you will “fall” in love with what you have created and you’ll have a piece of art you’ll be proud to call your own!




Supply list:


  • Color scheme tips

  • Tips on creating an eye-appealing horizon line and focal point

  • Instruction on making preliminary studies on paper before painting on canvas

  • Daily positive affirmation

  • Daily live sessions via Zoom with easy-to-follow guidance and the ability to ask questions

  • A private Facebook group where you’ll share your questions/comments as well as your artwork and find fellowship with other artistsJoin me for this powerful learning experience!



I’m currently offering this workshop at an amazing price:  Just $37









“Transition” Atmospheric Series by Caryl Pomales



G E T         Y O U R         F R E E  

     C O O L          P A L E T T E          G U I D E

Sign up Here:  Free Cool Palette Guide



I know that creating colors is a struggle for you sometimes. Believe me, I’ve struggled with it myself in the past! But once I gained the right understanding of how to go about it, it became so much easier and my painting became more effective.


I’ve created this FREE color palette chart and video guide to help artists like you improve their ability to nail the perfect autumn landscape painting. Why? Because sharing is caring, and I’m all about nurturing artists!


This color palette chart and video guide can be yours for FREE and with no obligation. Simply click here to let me know you’d like it, and it’ll be delivered to your email.


Don’t waste time struggling with creating warm and cool colors and saturated color schemes any longer. Grab your free color palette chart and video guide and get painting!

If you want to create a color palette to improve your ability to nail the perfect autumn landscape painting—or any artwork, for that matter, then this is the logical next step.

Remember, not only will it get you set up to create a warm and cool color palette, but it will also give you the momentum you need to get moving and transform your artistry!







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