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Annual South Florida Fair Art Village Opens Call For Artists. Juried Exhibit And Art Demonstrations Open To All Artists

The Annual South Florida Fair includes an Art Village, offering fine arts and crafts plus artist demonstrations to its visitors. The Fair is the main event on the Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, FL which occurs over a 17 day period. The Fair’s theme is Rocking Robots!  More than half a million visitors will attend from January 14 – 30, 2022. This is a great opportunity to get exposure and to sell your art to the many Fair visitors. Call includes all mediums and chalk drawing. The Deadline to apply is December 1, 2021






South Florida Fair
South Florida Fair Grounds

9067 Southern Blvd.     West Palm Beach, FL 33401






C A L L        F O R       A R T I S T S !




January 14  –  January 30,  2022








****   Call   For   All   Art   Mediums   ****  



 ****   Call   For   2D   Art   ****



****   Call   for   3D   art   ****



****   Call   for   Art   Demonstrations   (2D & 3D art)   ****



****   Call   for   Chalk   Drawers   ****





The South Florida Fair, Palm Beach County’s oldest and largest event, is open Monday-Thursday, 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.; Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Martin Luther King Day, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Artists’ works will be showcased in Building #2   “Artist Alley” on the Main Concourse.


The Vision:  The exhibition shares the Fair’s vision of cultural expansion, while showcasing artists’ talents.  Artists are invited to be on-site during the Fair at scheduled times to interact with Fair guests.



Exhibit area specifics: The interior wooden walls are eight feet high, providing a nice backdrop to showcase your framed art. The air-conditioned facility also features small windows near the ceiling; overhead and accent lighting is available.     



Timetable:  All artwork must be brought to the Fairgrounds between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday– Monday, January 3,4  and must remain on location until the Fair’s closing on January 30.  Artwork can be picked up between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday, January 31. 




  • Sales: Selling your Artwork is permissible at the end of the Fair.

  • Security: The Fair has 24-hour security with a designated guard assigned to this area during operational hours.  

  • Insurance: Please make sure your artwork is covered under your policy. 

  • Handling of the Art: Only the artist and staff hanging the Artwork may handle the Artwork.     



How to Submit a Proposal:  Please complete the attached form and return it to:

Lorie Stinson, CFE  Special Events Manager, South Florida Fair

P.O. Box 210367    West Palm Beach, FL 33421   

OR, email your submission form along with a photo of your Artwork to:     Lorie Stinson at: or   fax: 561-790-5246 


**ALL  ARTWORK  MUST  be labeled  identically  below  and  on  work  itself **

Entry 1: 


Contact information:



Date Executed:



Size:               Height:              Width:              Depth:  


Insurance Value: 

Estimated Fair Market Value: 

Installation Instructions/ Accessories Included: 


Credit (if work is not owned by the Artist): 

Entry 2: 


Contact Information: 

Phone: Email:


Date Executed:



Size:                  Height:                  Width:                Depth:

Insurance Value: 

Estimated Fair Market Value: 

Installation Instructions/ Accessories Included: 


Credit (if work is not owned by the Artist): 

Additional entries may be listed below or on a separate sheet of paper.






For more information please contact:

Lorie Stinson, CFE Exhibits & Special Events Manager

South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions, Inc.

9067  Southern Blvd.  West Palm Beach, FL 33411

561-790-5245 Office   561-790-5246 Fax






For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher   561-537-0291

17019 SW Sapri Way   Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

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