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Original Fine Artwork Sale In Person At Paul Fisher Gallery November 14 And On Line Through December 14 To Benefit Sam Perry’s Medical Treatments

Longtime Armory Art Center instructor and artist, Sam Perry is fighting for his life after cancer surgery.  Sam’s wife, Carole Philippe launched a GoFundMe campaign and the art community has united to support Sam by donating original fine art works to sell at the Paul Fisher Gallery or via Instagram. An In Person Preview/Purchase event on Saturday, November 14 takes place at the Paul Fisher Gallery. Admission is Free, but you must RSVP. Social distancing and masks will be enforced. The sale continues on Instagram through December 14, 2020.  We urge you to look at the full exhibit and make a purchase. 100% of sales will go toward Sam’s medical bills. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of the artworks (prices begin at $30).










4 – 9 PM

Paul Fisher Gallery

433 Flamingo Drive, Palm Beach, FL



RSVP is required by


Social distancing & masks will be enforced and attendance will be limited.




To purchase online, send private message:

Please Like and Share this Art Sale benefit Page:


Original Artworks by Ray Gross, Aya Bendat, Steve Brouse











The COVID-19 pandemic has made this year difficult for many artists. But for longtime Armory Art Center instructor and artist Sam Perry, it was a colon cancer diagnosis and not the coronavirus that has put his health and livelihood in peril. 



Perry, who has been an instructor at the Armory for more than 20 years, lacks health insurance to cover some of the costs for his cancer treatment. “Sam is one of our longest-standing instructors, who has poured his heart and soul into the Armory,” said Executive Director Tom Pearson. “It’s so important to support each other in these times, and we want to do anything we can to support Sam.”




Original Artworks by Vicki Siegel, Renata Rodrigues, Maxine Spector, Anthony Burks Sr.



During the event, if someone is interested in purchasing a work, they will make the donation directly to Sam’s GoFundMe page and show an event coordinator the proof of donation and they can then take the artwork. All artwork not sold that evening will still be available for purchase on Instagram.


Original Artworks by Cassandra Nordenbrock, Deborah Bigeleisen, Michael Blair



The art community has responded to their fellow artist’s needs like a family – with creativity and generosity. They have donated their artworks and Sam will receive 100% of the proceeds.




For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page

Or Call Cassandra at 561-329-0024 or Heather at 615-500-8895



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