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The Rickie Report Ventures Behind The Scenes With Artist Stanford Slutsky As He Creates Delectable “Edible” Delights – No Calories And Lots Of Good Memories!

The Rickie Report takes you behind the scenes at with artist Stanford Slutsky. Need a half dozen donuts with no calories?  Stan can deliver!  Sharing a box of fancy chocolates with your sweetie?  Stan can personalize them for you! Stanford and his wife Kathy welcome you to a showcase of Delectable “Edible” Delights!  Stan also demonstrates some of the proprietary techniques which he invented. Stan’s giant-sized hyper-realistic art which looks good enough to eat is sold world wide. 





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Boynton Beach, FL.



We specialize in three dimensional mixed media giant-sized hyper-realistic fine art replica sculptures of Good Humor Dessert Pops. 




Stanford Slutsky’s artwork is sold world wide and in prestigious locales around the country. His hyperrealistic sculptures remind me of my childhood and bring Pop Art to a new level!  Step into his website and be transported to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory because the giant-sized hyper-realistic artworks on the walls look good enough to eat! The luscious box of chocolates is actually made of resins, plaster of Paris, rigid foam, adhesives, glitter, with Stan’s imagination and much, much more. Slutsky learned how to create these magical masterpieces by a higher power he calls “the art god”. This self-taught 79-year-old artist has been a full time working artist most of his life. Even in high school, he won many arts awards.






Assorted Box of Chocolates, 3D Sculpture by Stanford Slutsky





Today Slutsky is creating three dimensional mixed media sculptures of food, one of our most basic needs. It is a flashback to earlier days of good feelings, and nostalgia with his vivid memories of childhood days. He creates art that makes us smile and have that same sense of nostalgia. Stan accomplishes this by tasting and eating what he wants to create, which will look like the hyper-realistic chocolate bars, chocolates, ice cream bars, pops, doughnuts, pizza, hamburgers, French fries, sushi and more.  He creates these artworks in his studio, which happens to be in his perfectly organized studio/garage. 






What Is Pop Art?

The type of artwork that I create is Pop Art which began in the 1950s. It’s a style of art based on simple, bold images of everyday items, such as candy, ice cream dessert bars, soup cans, painted in bright colors. Pop artists created pictures of consumer product labels and packaging, photos of celebrities, comic strips, and animals. Pop art  in which commonplace objects ( candy, ice cream on a stick, comic strips, soup cans, road signs, and hamburgers) were used as subject matter and were often physically incorporated in the artwork.
The Pop Art movement represented a shift in what artists considered to be important source material. It was a movement which sought to connect fine art with the masses and involved using imagery that ordinary people could recognize and relate to in their life.
As the successor of modern art, the contemporary genre includes art produced today and dates back to a single, iconic movement. While Pop Art began in the 1950s and was popularized in the 1960s, several iconic artists today continue to keep it alive through their exciting and widely beloved works and to name a few artists. Keith Haring, Robert Indiana, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Stanford Slutsky, Tom Wesselmann, Jack Newman, Milton Avery, Romero Britto, Chuck Close, Peter Blake, Steve Kaufman, Damien Hirst, Terry Frost, Charles Fazzino, Doug Bloodworth, Yuroz, Wayne Thiebaud, Alexandra Nechita, Dan Meyer, Peter Max, Sol Lewitt, Paul Kostabi, Jeff Koons.  In addition, let’s not forget Banksy,  John Chamberlain,  George Condo, Willem de Kooning, Jim Dine, Helen Frankenthaler, Kaws, Yayoi Kusama, Roy Lichtenstein, Claude Monet, Robert Motherwell, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and many others.




Kathy Slutsky with a 3D Sculptures by Stanford Slutsky


HOW    DOES    HE    DO    IT?

The Rickie Report takes you behind-the-scenes at Stan’s Studio




Stan Shares A Proprietary Technique~





Born in 1941 in Pittsburgh, PA. Stanford has created a plethora of artworks in various mediums.  In the summer of 1957, Slutsky drove a Good Humor Ice Cream Truck, where he was known as “Stan the Good Humor Man”.   He moved from his insanely detailed abstract optical illusion works, to his life long journey with food with an emphasis on sweet things. Prior to creating, he tells The Rickie Report, “I must sample the real thing and only then I begin the process to build, construct, sculpt, sand and paint”. Stan has an innate reverence for the things we eat.  He says, “Food brings people together and there is no better way to celebrate life. We take for granted the aesthetically pleasing and seductive look of food. I like to create art that can lure, charm, tease, disarm and surprise”. His sculptures bring viewers to a reminiscent state so that they can communicate with their inner selves in a more honest and direct way – all the way back to their youth. He activates the hunger people have for the things that give them pleasure and forces them to surrender to being nostalgic in a positive way. The sensual nature of his works stimulates basic human needs and desires that generate cravings and passion. He hopes to bring a little wistfulness to recall the sweet things in our lives.  Who is not getting just a little bit hungry while looking at these images?    





Cheeseburger on a Gold Bun  3D Sculpture by Stanford Slutsky




We can send you to one of the Art Galleries that represent our artwork ~




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