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Martin Artisans Guild Showcases Six Artists In The Palm Room In Harbour Bay Plaza With New Exhibition Opening Wednesday, February 5th. Gallery Is Open Wednesdays Through Saturdays And By Appointment

The Palm Room in Harbour Bay Plaza at Sewall’s Point, Stuart announces a new fine art exhibition on Wednesday, February 5.  The Martin Artisans Guild will showcase six artists: Mallo Bisset, Cheryl Cote, Torenzo Gann, Dot Galfond, Eduardo Gomez, and Maria G. Miele. All professional artists with a long list of accomplishments, this promises to be a strong and dramatic show!  The free exhibit is open to the public at the Palm Room from Wednesdays through Saturdays, with afternoon and evening hours. The Rickie Report shares the details and highlights each of the artists. We’ve heard rave reviews!  Artists will be offering free demos during this time.





The  Palm  Room in  Harbour Bay  Plaza

3778 SE Ocean Boulevard   Stuart, Florida

Gallery Hours:

Wednesdays – Saturdays: Noon to 7 pm through the month of February



Opening Reception:

Wednesday, February 5

5:30 – 8 pm

Complimentary Refreshments by Josephines

 Cash Bar

3778 SE Ocean Boulevard   Stuart, Florida (Across from Josephines)



MEET      THE       ARTISTS:




Mallo Bisset might have taken the long road to living her dream, but once she sets her mind on something, there’s nothing stopping her.  As a little girl living on the Åland Islands in the Finnish archipelago, she wasn’t too fond of school, and told everyone “I am going to be an artist when I grow up”.  Life got in the way for a while, but after years of hard work and building a successful business, it wasn’t until 2007 with encouragement from her husband and daughter that Mallo finally took the time to do what she had always dreamed of doing.  It started with a weekly drawing class at the local Adult Education program.  After just two semesters her teacher, Helen Terry, told her she could make money drawing pet portraits.  Mallo’s earliest work combined her love of animals with her love for the arts.  Having tried drawing, pastels, and watercolors, it was time for oils!  She signed up for classes at a studio which was located across the street from her own business, so she could be close to work, yet make it easy to get to class every week. This is where her love affair with oils and the palette knife began.  Under the tutelage of Georgia Abood at Alizarin Crimson, she has been working on her craft and has made remarkable progress in such a short time.  Having grown up on an island, and living in Florida for 30 years, it’s not a surprise that Mallo Bisset’s work often features the water and always celebrates the beauty of nature.  Having participated in many local art shows and being very involved in community arts events, Mallo Bisset was awarded the prestigious Marties Award for Best Visual Artist for 2018 in Martin County.  As it turns out, that little girl in Finland really did grow up to be an artist!  




“Washed Up” by Mallo Bisset





Mallo tells The Rickie Report, “My artwork celebrates the things that make me happy.  While my subject matter does vary, I am greatly influenced by my love of color, animals, and nature.  Having always lived close to the sea, water and the color blue seem to be a part of me and often make it onto my canvas.  When I get an idea for a painting and I can’t stop thinking about it, I know it’s time to get to work.  Often, it’s these obsessive moments that lead to the best work.  Having tried many techniques, I now paint exclusively using oils and the palette knife.   I love the texture created with the knife.  My method is quick and definitive.  Once I commit to a painting there is not a lot of second-guessing.  I know a piece is done when the canvas is full of color. The most rewarding feeling is seeing a smile on the face of someone viewing my work and nothing compares to the satisfaction of having someone bring home a piece of my work. Hopefully my artwork makes others happy too”.   Mallo Bisset’s work can be seen at or at her own shop, Red Barn Furniture, 513 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, FL 34994.  She may be contacted at, on facebook at or by phone at (772) 260-5212. 






Cheryl Cote’ (pronounced “koh-TAY”) is a prolific, contemporary artist who lost her right eye to cancer when she was only six months old. In 2010, Cheryl also lost a significant portion of her central vision in her remaining eye to a condition known as retinal edema. This visual impairment changed her life forever, prohibiting her from creating the intricate, detailed artwork she was accustomed to doing on small canvasses.  Reading text now requires a magnifying glass and she is no longer able to drive.  Cheryl is currently under the care of a well-known retinal oncologist in Miami. She has appointments every three weeks to undergo extensive diagnostics and have an injection into her eye to preserve her vision.  Recently, Cheryl discovered how to compensate for her visual impairment by using larger canvasses her inspiration, instinct, and passion for creativity to fill the visual void.


“I C things The Struggle Is Real So Make It Beautiful” by Cheryl Coté



Cheryl tells The Rickie Report, “As a visually impaired artist, I  want my creations to represent the internal struggles so many people face daily suffering with their own physical, emotional, and psychological challenges.  I want the individual titles to reflect the inspirational roots of my artwork and draw the onlooker into my world.  The titles and visual representations enhance the connection with others, if only for a few moments, so they can share the elements that inspired my work. Moments of despair, depression, anxiety and hopelessness are things we all experience at one time or another. But, those difficult times are countered in our lives with hope, courage, persistence, triumph, and happiness. My work is intended to vividly convey these life experiences in a visual presentation and inspire others”.





Dot Galfond’s interest in glass began when, as a child sitting in church, she became fascinated watching the sunbeams dance through the stained glass windows, as their beautiful colors played on the pews and floor.  She tells The Rickie Report, “Many years later, I’m still transfixed by light shining through glass, which explains why transparent glass is so prevalent throughout most of my artwork. I love the challenge of applying modern-day science and the technology of today’s equipment and kilns to recapture this centuries-old art form. Many aspects of kiln-formed glass have stayed consistent throughout history. Every piece takes several kiln firings over many hours of firing, with temperatures reaching as high as 1460°F. This heating and cooling process typically takes several days, and I take great pride that each and every piece of art that I create is truly one-of-a-kind. The beautiful coastal area that surrounds me in Florida inspires the many shapes and colors that I utilize in my work. Beautiful ocean waves, sparkling waters, sea life, and perfect blue skies are also a constant inspiration. Often, I’m so motivated by an idea, I have to stop everything I’m doing and immediately go to my studio and begin creating. It’s an overwhelming feeling that comes over me that “I just have to do this now! My hope is that people look at my art with a curious mind. I want them to wonder how each and every piece was created. And I hope that they see the beauty and mystery that I see in glass every day”.






“Turquoise Glass” by Dot Galfond



Dot Galfond is a contemporary fused glass artist who resides in Palm City, Florida.  Since childhood she has had her hands in some sort of art project; from silversmithing to stage design and construction in high school to computer graphic design and photography.  Her love of glass developed at a young age where she started a stained glass class which eventually led her to her true artistic passion – fused glass.  She loves the technological challenge and the complexity of the medium. Heating glass to its molten form; the look of fluid, moving glass.  This flowing movement is evident in her body of work. Primarily self-taught, she has refined her skills and studied with some of the country’s foremost glass artists.  Her work has been shown in several group exhibitions and is represented by galleries on the east and west coasts of Florida and in many private collections in the United States and Europe. Dot spends most days in her studio doing what she loves.  She constantly seeks to expand her artistic and technical perspectives.  When she’s not in the studio, you can find her traveling with her husband, Mark.  Memberships:  Glass Art Society, National American Glass Club, Florida CraftArt Gallery, Arts Council of Martin County, and Martin Artisan Guild.









Torenzo’s Artist statement tells us, “I am compelled. I am driven. I must create!  I see art everywhere. On sidewalks, reflections in storefront windows, shadow designs falling on the ground or embracing the side of a building. I see clouds as moving sculptures.  I produce thousands of photographs. Some, to use as a reference for a painting… others because they tell a story or ask a question and invite me to create a painting.  As an artist, I believe I have a responsibility to also create works of art that bring attention to important societal issues such as chemicals as food additives, toxic chemicals used in the industrialized production of crops, and genetic engineering. I’m also concerned about the current trend in America to whitewash our history in order to oblige the politically correct community.
I feel a deep responsibility and calling to create works of art that reveal and contemplate the beauty in the everyday objects we all find around us in this amazing universe created by God.
Art is everywhere! If you look for it, you’ll see it!

I believe God has created an amazing universe! As God is the original Creator, He created everyone with the ability to create…everyone! If you’re one of the millions of people who believe they cannot create or are not creative, I challenge your belief and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and CREATE something. I believe you can do it! We all start at the beginning.  Let the fun begin!






“Revisionist History” by Torenzo Gann



Torenzo Gann is an internationally known, award winning fine-artist and a native of Michigan, where he majored in illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design.  After successfully completing his first year, Torenzo left Kendall to self-educate in the areas of painting, photography, and filmmaking. After twenty years of creating art, wining awards and becoming a nationally known artist, Torenzo abandoned his love of creating art to confront the crisis of his alcoholism. As a result of receiving treatment and getting sober he chose to enter the treatment field and become a certified counselor so that he could help others who have struggled with alcoholism and other drug addiction.  It would be twenty-years later that he returned to painting.  Since his return, Torenzo has exhibited in numerous national shows. In January, 2019 hos painting, “Gate Hook, Barbados” selected for inclusion in the International art fair, ArtPalmBeach,  by Eric Weiss, Curator-at-Large, Picasso Museum, Barcelona, Spain.  In October,2019 two of Torenzo’s works, “Wall Switch” and “Obelisk, Bonaire, Netherlands, Antilles” were selected by Juror Jack Rasmussen, Director and Curator of American University at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington, DC and Chair of the Maryland State Arts Council.  In November, 2019 Torenzo was one of only 54 artists selected from over 500 entrants to be juried into the prestigious All Florida Art Show produced by the Martin County Cultural Arts Council. Juror, Ehern Gerhard, Arts Exhibitions Director for the Centers for the Arts, Bonita Springs, Fl. Commented on Torenzo’s piece, “The Last Roundup”, as a work bringing awareness and attention to the toxic chemicals used and found in America’s agriculture, and awarded it Honorable Mention.  Torenzo’s ceaseless quest for seeing and creating art is his unconstrained passion. He eagerly awaits to see what’s next.  Torenzo’s latest artwork will be seen at Art Synergy/ArtPalmBeach 2020 Biblio.  For more information:  Call 561.818.6259 or visit








Maria tells The Rickie Report, “Bold, minimal simplicity is the creative force inspiring my newest body of work. Capturing and interpreting natural environments in an expression of color and minimal composition is so satisfying. My work is constantly evolving which is evident in the variety of subject matter and painting styles throughout the years. What stays consistent is my passion for color and bold, minimal composition. Photography has always been a vehicle for inspiration and experimentation and is the usual resource for my paintings. Being able to capture a place, or moment in time and transfer that to a 2-Dimensional surface is what I am called to do artistically. My subjects are often inspired by pop culture and my commission work is mostly the very popular selfie in paint or pet portraits. This is what keeps me busy. But my passion is still in bold composition, vibrant color or contrasts and interpretive abstractions”. 




“Rush Hour” by Maria G. Miele



Maria earned a BFA in Fine Art from Caldwell College and a Masters from NYU in Studio and Arts Administration.  She also attended University of Maryland School of Architecture and Parson School of Design in NY.  She continues her taking professional courses at the Summer ART Education Forum at SCAD and the TICA program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Maria is a Visual Art Educator at the Pine School in Hobe Sound, FL.  Her work is part of numerous private collections and she welcomes commissions.  Visit her website to see her popular “vintage” series of paintings and photographs. Instagram: mgmoriginals_fine_art   FaceBook: Maria G Miele mgmoriginals  Call:  772-486-4229 or






Eduardo Gomez Rojas was born in Colombia and moved to the USA as a young man. Eduardo graduated with a BA, in Economics, and an MSW from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where he started sculpting. Later, he completed his art major in sculpture at the University of Arkansas Little Rock and received a post-baccalaureate degree in sculpture.  Eduardo also studied independently under various nationally recognized sculptors.  ln 2009 a book was published about his work titled “Eduardo Gomez : Silent Messages” . This book includes an introduction and artist interview by Art Historian Laura M Amrhein, Ph.D. This work is available in in e-book format at Eduardo has exhibited in various Museums and international juried art shows and his work is collected internationally. Eduardo has been a sculpture instructor at the Lighthouse Art Center in Tequesta, Florida for the last 9 years. His sculpture studio is located in Jensen Beach, Florida where he also teaches privately. Eduardo has completed multiple private and Public Commissions. Two of his public commissions can be appreciated locally at the Distinguished Service Memorial Park in Stuart Florida.






“Unconditional” by Eduardo Gomez Rojas





Eduardo tells The Rickie Report, ” The human figure in all its aspects and conditions is my main source of inspiration. In it I see the incredible beauty and perfection of creation as well as the raw reflection of our human condition.   Individual uniqueness inspires me. Life affects all humans in a singular way. Our bodies are a journal of our life and an X-Ray of our soul. I find a raw beauty in this uniqueness and my work attempts to chronicle my own personal perception of this uniqueness. The result can be beautiful but can also be intense and even disturbing. Our individual bodies carry the imprints of our lives and our souls. For me form is a vehicle for expressing individual character rather than idealized perfection. Human relationships also inspire me. For this reason, I like making sculptures with multiple figures. I also find inspiration in physical movement. Its grace and its plasticity; even what it may say about our brokenness. That is why I like sculpting dancers and other athletes. My work always starts in clay because it allows me to quickly develop an idea into a visual concept. I then may finish the work in clay or evolve to casting the work in bronze or other media. This may take months or even years. I work on many projects at once because they are at different stages of development. I like making portraits, full figure sculptures and reliefs. I don’t follow any particular formula and I don’t sculpt for a particular audience. I do try to be honest and express my true feelings. I leave the psychoanalysis to the psychiatrists. I accept private and public commissions, small to monumental.








For more information about this exhibit, other events, or membership:

The Martin Artisans Guild


The Martin Artisans Guild was created to nurture the production of Fine Art and Craft, increase awareness of local art, facilitate development and networking among Working Artists and create marketing venues for our members.·        

  • To promote Martin County, Florida as a center of art.
  • To provide opportunity for artists to exhibit original work to the public.
  • To develop a sense of shared community and support among artists.
  • To foster the concept that success for one artist benefits all artists.
  • To present Artists’ Open Studios as a venue for purchasing art.

The group accepts membership of individuals without discrimination.Yearly Dues:

  • $35/year for Professional Members
  • $30/ year for Emerging members
  • $20/year for Student Members
  • $35/year for Supporting Members

ALL Guild members are required to serve on at least one volunteer committee.ALL NEW Guild members are required to be JURIED into the Guild; You will be accepted as either a Professional Level Artist member or an Emerging Level Artist member.

  • Professional Level Members will not be required to jury into future Guild Exhibits, Events or Martin County Open Studio Tour. Professional Level Members MUST be a member of the Arts Council of Martin County. Membership information can be found here:
  • Emerging Level Artists are artists who are aspiring to become Juried Professional members. Emerging members will need to be juried before each event/exhibit, and will be eligible to reapply as a Professional Level Member after 1 year.
  • Student Members MUST be students with a school ID Card or a student of a MCOST Teaching Artist.
  • Supporting Members are Supporters of the Arts in the Community.

MAG Membership Year runs 3/1- end of February yearly to coordinate with the MCOST schedule.



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