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Jennifer Love Gironda: Artist, Teacher, Inspirer Talks About Showing Gratitude Through Creativity

When Jennifer Love Gironda witnessed the devastation of the Bahamas from hurricane Dorian, she felt the need to do more than provide much-needed basic supplies for daily living.  A visionary artist who brings her heart and soul to every project she touches, Jennifer also considered the survivors’ emotional state.  Using scraps of fabrics from her multiple sewing enterprises, plus beads, she created heart-shaped ornaments.   When her Lake Worth High School art students, friends on FaceBook (including me), and neighbors heard about this, everyone wanted to get involved!  The Rickie Report shares this story on Thanksgiving , to show that gratitude includes creativity and artwork from the heart. Jennifer, you bring the “heart” in ART!  






heartBEAD  With Jennifer Love Gironda









For the last eight years, Jennifer Love Gironda has completed a piece of art every singe day, with over 2800 daily pieces as of today!  When she saw the devastation of the Bahamas from hurricane Dorian, she decided to hand sew and bead hearts for her September, 2019 daily art project.  Feeling the need to do more, she set up a Facebook fundraiser to benefit the National Association of the Bahamas Inc to help those impacted by hurricane Dorian.





Jennifer tells The Rickie Report, “For each donation of $25,  I created a hand-sewn heart.  Most of the front fabrics were cotton fabrics that I hand dyed, with some extra fabric pieces used for variety.  The backing fabrics are vintage kimono fabrics I purchased in Japan. Each piece includes hand beaded details, some shells.  The wings are a mix of vintage lace/bridal veil fabric and curtain sheer samples. I raised a total of $1270 in fundraiser donations, with additional donations for shipping costs and even some material donations”!


Jennifer received 32 separate donations from ten states (CA, FL, GA, KY, MA, NC, NY, TN, TX and VA) and ended up making a total of 60 hearts to send to her donors and contributors.  She shares, “The spirit of giving was felt by my Lake Worth High School students, who were inspired to sew their own hearts!




Hundreds of hand-sewn hearts



“My students completed one batch of 60 and then another batch of almost 100.  These were directly delivered to school children in Abaco by Annita McKnight. My students’ handmade hearts are in the colors of the Bahamian flag and are a service learning project, not part of the fundraisers, just made directly for the people impacted by the hurricane, to let them know that they are in our thoughts”.  Jennifer Love Gironda is an art teacher at Lake Worth High School (Advanced Placement classes, 3D-1, Fashion Club). She earned her MAEd and is a National Board Certified Art Educator.  



Delivery to school children in Abaco by Annita McKnight (photo courtesy of Annita McKnight)






To see more of Jennifer’s artwork:






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