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Judy Polstra Is Featured Artist At December 2 Art Salon At Armory Art Center. Using Vintage Textiles And Embroidery, She Shares Her Messages Of Import To Society

The Armory Art Center brings Judy Polstra to the next Art Salon, led by Elle Schorr on Tuesday, December 3.  The public is invited to “What Remains.  Judy is known for her “accidental activism” by embroidering on vintage textiles.  She is inspired by vintage and current fashion as well as women’s issues and politics.  Stop and look at the art…hear the creators…share the wonder!  The Rickie Report gives you the details and some sneak peeks. Kudos, Elle, for bringing us internationally, nationally, and locally based artists who help us better understand the creative process!





811 Park Place   West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

(561) 832-1776



AT    THE    ART    SALON:


Tuesday , December 3, 2019







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