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Brewhouse Gallery Is Ready to Exhibit New Artworks! All Artists Welcome To Apply Free, With No Commission Fees

The Brewhouse Gallery is a community art gallery and the hub of cultural events in Palm Beach County.  Musical performances, poetry readings, classes, and other events keep things lively. The Brewhouse is one of the most well-respected live music venues in all of South Florida. It’s a creative space to share ideas & get inspired. The Rickie Report shares details of a Call To Artists here.  There is no fee to apply and artists get 100% of their sales!






720 Park Avenue     Lake Park, FL 33403




Want To Share Your Artwork?


Would you like to display your artwork at The Brewhouse Gallery? We offer excellent terms. No commission for a 3-month run, and unlike traditional artist co-ops, you are not required to put in volunteer time running the gallery. For more information, send us an email:



Visionary owner, AJ Brockman tells The Rickie Report, “What is the number one drawback to a traditional artist co-op or gallery? Very little foot traffic which ultimately leads to very little sales. With this model there is a constant draw of foot traffic and nightly events to get people in the door, seeing your work on the walls. Not to mention, people are much more inclined to make impulse buys after loosening up with a glass of wine or a beer. By no means is this a bar in the traditional sense… It is more of a public house, creative space, think tank, hang out”.


How is Brewhouse Gallery different from a traditional gallery or co-op?








  • Huge foot traffic draw with nightly events including open mic night, singer-songwriter acoustic jam sessions, painting classes, creative/inspirational speakers, live music, trivia night, etc.


  • One major event per rotation, essentially an artist opening, that is heavily promoted and features all of our resident artists and their work.


  • No need to volunteer your time, we handle everything. With a traditional co-op you are required to commit a certain amount of volunteer time to run the gallery. We handle everything and simply call you if you have made a sale or someone is interested in negotiating.


  • All work will be prescreened and approved. This keeps the subject matter to a high standard and competition from fellow artists to a minimum in order to reinforce the quality of work that you are being represented with.


  • Want to update your space with a new piece? No problem. You are free to come in and swap out any of your work at any time… as well as inviting others to see your work at our location and scheduling special events of your own.


  • NO COMMISSION! (Minus a small processing fee of 4.9% on credit cards). That’s right, we are one of the only galleries that gives our artists 100% of all sales.


We have two sizes available:

Either our half space (approximately 40 ft.² of displayable wall space) for $150 per month ($450 + sales tax), or our standard space (approximately 64 ft.² of displayable wall space) for $200 per month ($600 + sales tax).

Both of these require a three month commitment and the rental fee to be paid in full (all three months) upon installation of your work. As of right now we are only offering a three month contract as it is part of our model to always bring in new work and highlight as many artists as possible. That being said we give all of our artists the opportunity to re–apply and be placed right back in our queue to exhibit again.


Please reply with what size space you may be interested in and any other questions or concerns you may have. 





For up-to-the-minute listings of events visit:







For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher   561-537-0291

17019 SW Sapri Way   Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

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