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City Of Port St. Lucie Calls For Outdoor Public Art, Open To All Artists In The US

The City of Port St. Lucie is seeking a landmark, free standing, outdoor sculpture that will be visually appealing from all sides, serve as a focal point for motorists entering and leaving the city, and complement the residential character of the surrounding neighborhoods.  The roundabout is located in a residential area, at NW Bayshore Boulevard and NW Selvitz Road.  The Rickie Report shares the details of this Call to artists and reminds you that you need not be a resident of Port St. Lucie or Florida to apply.











Port St. Lucie is the 8th largest city in Florida and the 3rd largest city in South Florida with over 189,300 residents. It occupies an area of 120 square miles in St. Lucie County on Florida’s east coast, about 50 miles north of West Palm Beach, halfway between Miami and Orlando. Port St. Lucie is proud to be a hometown where people live, learn, work and play, and celebrate all of life’s opportunities and dreams.



Artists and artist teams submit your proposals for a permanent outdoor public art installation to be exhibited at the roundabout at NW Bayshore Boulevard & NW Selvitz Road.


Port St. Lucie is seeking a landmark, free standing, outdoor sculpture that will be visually appealing from all sides, serve as a focal point for motorists entering and leaving the city, and complement the residential character of the surrounding neighborhoods. The roundabout is located in a residential area and the City is seeking proposals that reflect multigenerational families and the City’s motto of being a hometown where people live, learn, work and play.



Project Description

The roundabout’s interior has a concrete six by six foot base in the center that was designed to accommodate a sculpture.

The commissioned artwork will become part of the City’s permanent public art collection. Proposals should:

• Complement the scale, design and landscaping of the roundabout • Be an original design that requires minimal maintenance
• Be visually appealing from a distance
• Not create a distraction for drivers

While artistic quality is very important, works will be reviewed for durability, safety and appropriateness to the site.


Artworks must be structurally sound and able to withstand an outdoor environment in a largely unsupervised area that is not protected from weather or curious viewers.

Port St. Lucie has a subtropical climate that is hot and humid, with intense sun and seasonal heavy rains and hurricane-force winds. Avoiding potential problems such as deteriorating rust and fading should be considered.



Physical Interpretation & Criteria Goals

There is a 6-foot minimum height preference and 12-foot maximum height preference and it must not exceed more than six feet in width. Other sizes will be considered based on how the proposed art piece fits with the space. Create a sense of community and diversity that reflects the City’s motto, “A City for All People.”



Budget & Terms

The City’s project budget is not to exceed $200,000. This artwork budget will reflect all costs associated with the project, including but not limited to design and engineering, production, transport, installation, site preparation, and travel expenses.

The City will provide the foundation to support the artwork. However, if unusual foundation needs are proposed by the artist, these costs must be accounted for within their proposed artwork budget.


Artist Eligibility

The project is open to all professional artists or artist teams residing in the United States. Local artists are encouraged to apply. If applying as an artist team, please identify the team member who will serve as the lead artist.

One submittal per artist or artist team.


Submission materials:

Cover Page (RFP) Provide as a PDF.

  • Identification of the artist’s name or artist’s team name
  • Contact information including mailing address, telephone number, email address and name of contact person (team lead)
  • Statement of Interest (500 characters max)
    Provide a narrative of your interest and how you would approach this project.
  • Statement of Qualifications (500 characters max)
    Describe past work and your experience completing other public art projects.
  • Time frame in which the artist would be able to complete the work f rom award of contract to installation.
  • Estimate of annual maintenance requirements and estimated maintenance expense.
  • Description of materials to be used and their durability.Résumé/CV

• Provide as a PDF (2-page maximum).


  • Provide as a PDF.
  • A minimum of two professional references.
  • Include names, addresses and phone numbers.Proposal

• Provide as a PowerPoint presentation.

  • –  First Slide: Brief description of proposed artwork and an explanation of how the artwork represents the City of Port St. Lucie’s motto, “A City for All People.”
  • –  One to Five Slides (Work Samples): Provide at most five samples of completed work, one sample per slide. Submissions from artist teams should reflect samples from each artist.
  • –  One to Five Slides (Conceptual Design): Provide any renderings, sketches, or visual representations of proposed artwork. Provide no more than five samples, one per slide
  • –  One Slide (Itemization): Provide an itemized list of materials used, dimensions and market value.Signed W-9 form.Disclosure Statement. Provide as a PDF.


Application Deadline:

Deadline for Submission: May 30, 2019

Responses will be received until 2:00 p.m. on May 30, 2019.

June 2019

June 2019 July 2019

August 2019

September 2019 October 2019 April 2020

General review of application and selection of three finalists by the Selection Panel

Artists notified

Presentations by three finalists at a public meeting for final selection by the Selection Panel for recommendation to City Council

Public Art Advisory Board review of final selection and recommendation to City Council

Final Selection by City Council Artist contract finalized and signed Deadline for artwork installation

The City of Port St. Lucie reserves the right to change the dates of the project timeline, to modify this solicitation, to request additional information or proposals from any or all participating artists, to reopen the competition and/or to accept or reject, at any time prior to the commissioning of a work, any or all design proposals.



Selection Process

A Selection Panel comprised of a member of the City Council, a member of the Public Art Advisory Board, community stakeholders, and a representative of the Public Works Department will review all submitted materials and select three artist finalists. The three finalists will be required to develop additional presentation materials as well as a maquette of their proposed site-specific artwork and travel to Port St. Lucie to make a formal presentation to the Selection Panel and members of the community. The Selection Panel will then select a final candidate to recommend to City Council. The three selected finalists will be paid an honorarium of $1,500.00 for travel expenses, oral presentation, and material costs.



Selection Criteria

  • Proposed artwork exhibits artistic merit, quality, and innovate design.
  • Proposed artwork is appropriate to the site in size, materials and structural integrity.
  • Proposed artwork meets the requirements of this Call to Artist.
  • Professional qualifications of artist or artist team and experience with similar public art projects including the fabrication and installation permanent artwork suitable for outdoor elements.
  • Evidence of the artist’s (or artist-team) ability to successfully complete the work as proposed in the timeline.


For more information contact:

772-871-5213 • Susan List at







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