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Mary Christou’s Jewelry Evokes Art Nouveau, Steampunk, Fairy Tales, And SciFi. Meet Her On March 22 At Artisans On The Ave

Mary Christou creates jewelry pieces that speak to her love of Art Nouveau, Science Fiction, Steampunk, fairy tales, and all things Medieval and Arthurian.  Artisans On The Ave features Mary’s jewelry masterpieces at a Free Reception on Friday, March 22.  Mary will be giving a demonstration, as she creates a cuff bracelet from its bare beginnings.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.

















M  A  R  Y      C  H  R  I  S  T  O  U

Friday, March 22 

6:00  – 9:00  PM

Free Reception with refreshments



Artisans On The Ave
630 Lake Avenue   Lake Worth, FL 33460
561-762-8162      561-582-3300

Gallery Hours:
Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 9am – 7pm

Mary Christou’s Green Steampunk Bee Watch Face





Mary Christou asks, “Are you bored when you walk into the mall or the jewelry store? Do you have trouble finding pieces that express your personality, and don’t offend your values”?    She tells The Rickie Report, “That was me, and that’s why I started making jewelry about ten years ago. Minimalist style is lovely and classic, but it’s not who I am. In stores, the Boho pieces I did like were often of poor quality, and mass-produced in third-world sweatshops, both things that go against my core values”.


Mary Christou’s “Alice Queen of Hearts Necklace”




Mary describes herself as a daydreamer, a lover of books and movies and music. She loves science fiction, Steampunk, fairy tales, and all things Medieval and Arthurian. Art Nouveau is her favorite movement, and she is inspired by nature, the forests, the oceans.




Mary Christou’s “Steampunk Heart Cuff bracelet”


“For years, I just bought simple clothes and jewelry that didn’t make me feel special at all, suppressing what I was inside. But then creative expression began seeping through, and finally exploded out of me. Now I can’t keep it in anymore.  Once I started making jewelry and giving it to friends, it just wouldn’t stop. Pretty soon, there was so much, I had to find more people to share it with. There’s nothing like the joy of seeing someone else feeling special and expressing herself by wearing my pieces”!



Mary Christou’s “Mermaid and Roman Glass necklace”



Mary goes beyond herself as she creates high quality art jewelry, often with recycled materials. 10% of her jewelry and class sales go to two charitable organizations: WaterAid provides clean water and basic sanitation for people in 38 countries (and counting). Kiva gives those less fortunate a leg up in their businesses so they can feed their families. She says, “I believe there is room for all of us and we can all help each other. I have also learned the joy of teaching jewelry-making to others, especially when they may have thought they were not “artsy” at all because they couldn’t draw. We are all creative, and if you can use a twist-tie, you can make jewelry from just about anything.  So do join me on this journey, because we all deserve to express ourselves and feel special every day”!







For more information about this exhibit, classes or how to become part of this gallery please call: 561.762.8162
Artisans On The Ave
630 Lake Avenue Lake Worth, FL 33460



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