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Caryl Pomales Shares The Beauty And Tranquility Of Autumn With Paintings, Musings, And A New 2019 Calendar Of Artistic Images

Caryl Pomales brings us autumn with beauty, stillness and a sense of gratitude with her vibrant acrylic paintings. Read her “Artsy Tips & Insights” (free by email) AND order her new 2019 Calendar with 12 images and inspirational quotes.  When you sign up for one of Caryl’s classes, workshops, or make a purchase, she donates a percentage to carefully selected charities that care and find loving homes for less fortunate pets.  Let’s talk about gratitude!  Let’s talk about giving back and supporting original art created locally!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some photos here.

Caryl   Pomales   Fine   Art



Fine artist, Caryl Pomales

Caryl Pomales tells The Rickie Report, “There is so much beauty, stillness, and gratitude to be found in the moments of serenity at my easel. When life is hectic, I find my peace while painting. Creating a work of art and sharing it with my friends and followers fills my life and my soul with calm and joy”.



“River Birch” by Caryl Pomales




She goes on, “Spreading these positive feelings with others is incredibly rewarding, as I’m able to share the serenity I find with others. Whether teaching online or in person, I find immense fulfillment in getting to know fellow artists and creatives as they embark on a journey to improve their skills and contribute to their daily joy”.


” Inspired by Wells” by Caryl Pomales





Caryl explains, “Painting is a form of meditation for me. Like the water in a lake, when your mind is calm, you can see the depths below; however, when your mind is disturbed, it is easy to get caught up in the waves. Brushstroke by brushstroke, I calm the waters in the lake of my mind to find peace and serenity”.




“Anticipating November” by Caryl Pomales





We hope you’ll join Caryl on a journey of joy through painting, whether by subscribing to her “Artsy Tips & Insights,” brightening your home with her 2019 calendar (complete with vibrant paintings and inspirational quotes), signing up for a workshop, or by commissioning an expressively painted animal portrait of one of your favorite pets.  She says, “I hope my recent paintings inspired by Autumn provide you peace as well”!


2019 Calendar with Caryl Pomales’ artwork – the perfect gift!




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