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“Subconscious Memories” Exhibition Features Artist Henriett Anri Michel’s Sculptures And Paintings At Palm Beach State College Gallery

Henriett Anri Michel’s artwork comes intuitively through her love of nature. Beginning to use art as an escape from a demanding childhood in Budapest,  Anri’s story continues to evolve.  She takes us on her journey using an abstract expressionist style for her paintings and sculptures.  Her SOLO Exhibit at Palm Beach State College Gardens Campus Gallery begins on Tuesday, October 30th with an Opening Reception.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.






Palm Beach State College

3160 PGA Blvd.  Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410






” S U B C O N S C I O U S     M E M O R I E S “





5 – 8 PM

Exhibit is available October 30 through December 7, 2018

The Art Gallery Is In The BB Building


Palm Beach State College

3160 PGA Blvd.  Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410












Henriett tells The Rickie Report, “Growing up in the heart of Budapest, Hungary, my drawings saved me by providing me an escape from the urgency and demands put on me as a child. I spent most of my time outside exploring nature with my pencil and sketchbook in hand. I will never forget the smell of the forest, the colors of the leaves as they collected on the ground, and the first buds after the long winter”.


“Who Do You Think You Are?” by Henriett Michel





“When I moved to Florida, I put aside my art for 10 years to devote my time to raising my four children. It wasn’t until the age of 40 that I started exploring the medium of painting. Creating painting helped me to not only find and learn about myself more deeply, but it allowed me to transcend my language barrier and communicate with people without words. Moving to the U.S. was life changing, but my love for nature just grew stronger, as I found it very comforting in times when life became overwhelming. Nature has continued to inspire me as I spend a lot of my time observing the interactions between organic life and the elements.  I am continuously fascinated with how nature is ever-changing and flowing through time gradually. The theme of my work comes from the “power of mother nature” and is reflected through an abstract expressionism style”.



“Dream Come True” by Henriett Michel



Henriett continues, “The emotions I recall when I am painting come from my subconscious mind. Before I start working on my canvases, I begin by mixing many shades of colors which reflect my mood of the day. I start applying with no plan or concept… The free movements that explore my subconscious with the absence of controlled exercise… By acting and reacting spontaneously to the canvas, letting it flow, and allowing the colors nearby each other, they carry on intense and emotional conversations. I am always challenging myself with different color combinations, new techniques, styles or just different tools to make marks. This process takes me out of my comfort zone of routine movements and helps me create something exciting and explore something new! Through this process, my focus is to find balance, harmony; sometimes dramatic, sometimes peaceful, but always creating an interesting story through my art”.


“Degrading Value” by Henriett Michel




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