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Arturo Avila Garcia’s Artwork Featured At Art On Park Gallery In Lake Park

Art On Park Gallery in Lake Park, FL. will be showing  the artwork of Arturo Avila-Garcia, an award winning Colombian-American painter born in Bogotá. The public is invited to meet the artist at the Free, Opening Reception on Friday, June 1st.  The exhibition is open and free to view from May 21 through June 15th.  Chosen by The Museum of Modern Art in Bogota for their biannual exhibition as one of the most influential young artists, Arturo’s journey of self discovery through painting brings the viewer a variety of colors and images.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  Lake Park is an “art happening”!






Free, Opening Reception:


Friday, June 1st   

5 – 8 PM

Exhibition is available May 21 through June 15


800 Park Avenue  Lake Park, FL  33403

Monday through Saturday Noon to 6 PM





Arturo Avila-Garcia





Arturo Avila-Garcia spent his first years of college studying psychology which inspired him to express himself by painting. After two years of embracing the notion that “reality has no limits to examine our certainties about ourselves and our community”, he changed careers to focus on a BFA with concentration on painting. In 1992 he was chosen by The Museum of Modern Art in Bogota for their biannual exhibition as one of the most influential young artists. Previously, he participated at an Art convocation from the Institute that promotes higher education (ICFES) and was awarded Honorable Mention for an installation that feature painting, sculpture and neon lights. The following year he had his first SOLO exhibition at the Santa Gallery, title “Idols”.



With a BFA and a lot of expectations, he came to the US and has resided in Florida for 25 years. Over time, it became very clear that he was getting into his second journey of “self discovery”. He’s been earning a living through the construction, retail, hospitality and education industries, always keeping the concentration in developing a language and identity as a painter.  He uses various mediums such as pencil, chalk, acrylic and oil on canvas. Arturo, being true to his passion, has also taken on visual decorative and freelance custom paintings projects for companies like Bloomingdales and private collectors. In 2005 he graduated with a Masters in Education with concentration in Curriculum and Instruction and accepted an art teaching position at Olympic Heights Community High School in Boca Raton, Florida.

Custom Installation at Bloomingdales by Arturo Avila-Garcia


Arturo has been in collective exhibitions with Broward Art Guild, Boca Raton Art Guild and the Artists of Palm Beach County where he was won awards for his paintings.  He tells The Rickie Report, “The passion of how I approach the painting process gives me an outlet to communicate with people in a non-verbal level”.  He expresses himself through images and ideas relative to paint and color, to deliver a visual message of his life journey, resulting in his latest project titled “Blues”. The series is inspired by “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, a novel by Gábriel Garcia Marquez and his own personal journey.


” Salsa Blues ” by Arturo Avila-Garcia

Arturo shares with The Rickie Report, “The narrative in my paintings combined abstract realism or figurative and magic realism or realistic fiction. I am inspired by artist like Matisse and Vermeer. Influenced by music that I found a correlation with painting. Also by images of people and their inner sensations and sentiments. During my exploration of elements of dreams, fantasy and reality, the literature world of  magic realism from Garcia Marquez’s Hundred Years of Solitude, inspired some of the paintings. Blues I and Blues II depicted a moment where the introduction to ice is a magic situation, comes naturally, as a simple, everyday occurrence in which fantastical things are treated not just as possible, but also as realistic.  My paintings often have vibrant colors, a realistic view reminiscent of the tropical colors from the equatorial location of Colombia, for this exhibit I used one primary color and one secondary color to visual balance the color composition as it is a musical composition, a blues with flowing lines like the mountain landscape creating figures attaching the lines and forms to the composition with harmony and rhythm”. 



” Matisse Blues ” by Arturo Avila-Garcia



Arturo explains, “My paintings often have vibrant colors, reminiscent of the tropical colors from the equatorial location of Colombia with flowing lines like the mountain landscape, creating figures attaching the lines and forms to the composition.   This creative exploration you may think, is a contradiction between magic realism and realistic fiction.  After all, how can something be both magical and real? Magic isn’t real – or is it? In Latin America, the continent from which the genre of magical realism was cultivated, there is an attitude that anything can happen –  even miracles. My interpretation of magical realism is closely connected to my Catholic religious background, which believes in miracles and other spontaneous and indescribable abstract phenomena.  In my work this abstract element is determined by the expression and by the form”.

” Dualism has been an influence on every aspect of my artistic development, interpreting and balancing two realities. The same narrative could be applicable to the immigrant artist like myself in another country with a different culture and language… two different worlds, two realities are a continuous challenge that enriched individuality. My interest is a visual balance of realism or figurative art and abstract art”.


” Blues” by Arturo Avila-Garcia




Arturo’s artwork has been exhibited  end awarded at: The Museum of Modern Art in Bogota, ICFES (Colombian Institution for Higher Education) , Artists of Palm Beach County, Santa Gallery, (“Idols”), University Gallery Bogotá, Broward Art Guild, Boca Raton Art Guild, Artisans on the Ave., and APBC Art on Park Gallery


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For more information:
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800 Park Avenue, Lake Park FL 33403




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