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New Images Of Caryl Pomales’ Artistry And Some Helpful Hints About Hanging Artwork In Your Home Or Office

You can feel Caryl Pomales’s passion for painting in her oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings! Her modern day impressionist work takes us from flowers, to sheep, to cats, and every-day sights, but brings them to our attention in a new, vibrant way.  Caryl takes the time to educate us so we may better appreciate that there is more to a painting than brush and pigment.  The Rickie Report shares some of Caryl’s helpful hints about how to hang your artwork in this article and some new images of her work.




Caryl   Pomales   Fine   Art



Fine artist, Caryl Pomales


Caryl’s creative journey began as a child with oil painting lessons, and continued through her college years with an emphasis on graphic design. She enjoyed a career in graphic design, marketing and printing sales as a young adult. Within the past few years, she had the opportunity to retire and without hesitation she reengaged her creative self by taking various painting classes and workshops to include Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor classes with many accomplished artists. She tells The Rickie Report, “I have rekindled my passion to paint”!





“Flower Garden Memories” by Caryl Pomales, Recently painted in honor of Mothers Day



Caryl shares some tips on hanging your artwork:


Whether you just started purchasing original art or you are adding more original paintings or art prints to your collection, there is one simple guideline to making hanging your art easy and captivating to you and others as the viewer.




“Picasso – Le Chat” by Caryl Pomales


Place the center of your artwork at eye level. It ensures the art can be admired by the viewer comfortably. Measure 57″ from the floor and mark a small pencil mark on the wall. Next find the center point of the artwork by measuring its height and dividing it by 2.



Measure the top of the painting to the tightened hanging wire it will hang from. Subtract this distance number from the center point number. Using this new number, measure the distance above the 57″ mark. This is where the hanger should be placed. Mark this spot accordingly. 



“Tete-Rouge” by Caryl Pomales

When hanging artwork above furniture or mantles this formula may not always apply, the bottom of the frame should be between 6 – 8″ above the top of the furniture or obstruction. The artwork should relate space-wise to the furniture, meaning a small work of art hanging 6″ above a long sofa will not look right, however a large piece of artwork or multiple small pieces ideally spaced 3″ to 6″ apart will look great. Happy decorating with your new artwork!

“Adventures in Paradise” by Caryl Pomales

Caryl has studied with many accomplished artists including, Alessandra Gieffers, Julia Kelly, Peggy Kirkwood, Nancy Medina, Dennis Perrin, Dreama Toll Perry, & Mary Bentz-Gilkerson.  Recent recognitions include an award for her impressionistic style, bold brush stroke and vivid color painting, “Picasso-Le Chat” from the 39th Annual Members’ Show at the Lighthouse ArtCenter/Gallery. Her paintings were exhibited at the Members 6th Art of Association collaborative-juried exhibit featuring artists from sixteen Art Associations located throughout Palm Beach and Martin Counties in Florida and one of 27 artists featured in “Size Matters”, at The Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta, FL.  In addition, she was honored to be invited as a SOLO artist to exhibit at the Sewall’s Point Town Hall in Sewall’s Point/Stuart, FL.  Caryl is an active member of Artists of Florida-LLC, North County Art Association, Benefactor and Artists’ Guild Member of the Lighthouse Art Center, The Arts Council of Martin County FL, Elliott Museum/ Stuart, FL, The Lake Worth Art League, Wellington Art Society, Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park and The Audubon Society, Martin County FL Chapter.




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