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Joanne Slattery’s “Ocean Waves” Take the Viewer Into The Surf At Town Hall Of South Palm Beach Gallery

Joanne Slattery‘s paintings of waves take the viewer right to the edge of the shore, mesmerized by the colors and movement.  The public is invited to a SOLO Exhibition, “Ocean Waves” on Sunday, March 11 at the Town Hall of South Palm Beach.  Using pastel, acrylic, and oil, you will see why the ocean brings us back again and again.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.




 The Town of South Palm Beach


“Ocean Waves”


 Joanne Slattery

Free, Public Opening Reception:

Sunday, March 11

2 – 4 pm

3577 South Ocean Boulevard   South Palm Beach, Florida 33480


“Sea Pools” by Joanne Slattery




Joanne Slattery tells The Rickie Report, “I am self-taught, inspired by places in the world that have grasped my attention. Challenging subjects and how to accomplish their atmosphere and movement intrigue me. In the last few years, I have studied the Ocean, and attempted to capture it’s mood and feeling by getting in the water and returning home to paint. I am looking for the viewer to feel the movement as if they were in it’s ever-changing waves”.


“Long Wave” by Joanne Slattery



You experience Joanne’s pieces: you have a dialogue with them as you wander into them. They leave you feeling, wondering, wanting to be there, and wanting to know more. She says,  “I always need to revisit my favorite places and try to re-experience them; I am searching and deeply involved in how to express what that place feels like. There is a feeling of always having more to do”.


“Changing Seas” by Joanne Slattery



Joanne explains, “Some subjects just cry pastel for its intensity and blending capabilities, while others call for a faster method as with acrylic. When I paint Oceans in oil, I paint more than 5 layers and allow drying time between the layers. All demand constant choices of brush and stroke direction to accomplish their particular action and atmosphere. With each piece I am always learning how to see and how to execute.  The excitement is seeing what happens. The visual in my mind does not always become what the canvas says to do. Risks and Courage”.


“Sandy Waves” by Joanne Slattery

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