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Stop By Plein Air Palm Beach’s Plein Fun Fest in Delray Beach January 26 -28th

Join a juried group of 50 plein air painters from Florida and beyond who will capture the ambiance and charm of Delray Beach at Plein Fun Fest, an outdoors painting extravaganza. On January 26-28, 2018, Delray Beach will host the third annual Plein Fun Fest competition sponsored jointly by Plein Air Palm Beach (PAPB) and The Old School Square.  Plein air is the French term for painting outdoors.  During the Palm Beach Plein Air Fun Fest, artists will be painting the main and side streets, the gardens, and signature buildings, along with the residents and tourists of our beautiful Delray Beach. The Rickie Report shares the details and some photos from 2017’s event.  Please join us for Plein Fun Fest 2018 and see artists create “Tomorrow’s culture and history painted today on site.”





51 N Swinton Ave   Delray Beach, FL 33444


Open To The Public



The Plein Air Painting Locations:  Public is Welcome to Watch the Artists Paint!

After check in artists can then begin painting at location of their choice anywhere within the boundaries Delray Beach. Each artist of will be given a map that delineates the competition boundaries and suggested painting locations for those artists unfamiliar with the area. Artists will be able to choose their own location from a thoughtfully compiled list of suggestions. Locations include marinas, historic buildings and monuments, gardens, architecture, ocean, intracoastal waterway views, small shops and much more. In case of rain, covered locations with views that artists can paint will also be identified.


Plein Air Palm Beach Fun Fest 2017 Bob Barfnecht


Silent auction begins Friday night at 6:30 pm and all day Saturday until 4 pm

 Old School Square in Delray Beach


“Plein Air Palm Beach’s vision is to work with plein air painters, local art groups, cultural centers and the public to support and enhance plein air painting education, events and exhibits.”  says Donna Walsh one of the founders along with Ralph Papa. PAPB’s tag line is “Tomorrow’s culture and history painted today on site.” It includes art lovers and artists at all levels that love plein air painting and it brings artists together to paint the land-, sea- and city-scapes. “We paint and document today’s landscapes that contribute to tomorrow’s history.”


“The aim of Plein Fun Fest is to be regional and support artists of South Florida. We want to have something that reflects our group and we want to be local. We are not interested in competing with the national plein air competition events,” Warren continues.


Plein Air Palm Beach Fun Fest 2017 Mary Maribito

Friday, January 26

Paint-out with Critique

9:00 am to Noon

For artists who want to join the fun, but don’t want to participate in the competition



There will be a Paint-out with Critique for those Artists who want to join in the FUN but not interested in competition. There is a charge of $20 which includes a hospitality suite. Because of the popularity of PAPB’s paint-out with critique that is run by Manny Jomok we decided to make it part of Plein Fun Fest. Registered Artists will meet at Old School Square at 9 AM and decide where to paint. Critique leaders will be available to offer assistance to those who are new to plein air. This Plein Air Paint-out allows artists the opportunity to enjoy not only painting but sharing their creativity with the public. To the viewers, this art form can be very exciting because it invites them into the creative process: the sight, sound, and even smell of the artists´ world. One of the best parts of plein air painting is the congeniality of artists.


At 12 PM all will meet again at Old School Square Field House for an Artist Hospitality Suite. From there we will break into groups of no more than 10 for a shared art critique. And, as last year there will be a fabulous luncheon buffet for participating artists. Paintings from this day may be exhibited at the Saturday reception in the Ocean Breeze room. They are not part of the judging.   “The critiques, along with lunch, help new artists get going with encouragement. Also, we found when the competing artists paint on Friday, they are more relaxed”. 


Plein Air Palm Beach Fun Fest 2017 Linda Richichi

Saturday, January 27

Watch 50 juried artists compete in Plein Fun Fest


 4:30 pm


Awards ceremony and Reception

 5:00  – 7:00 PM



On Saturday, January 27, the 50-juried artists will compete in Plein Fun Fest. The artists will begin painting at 9:00 am at location of their choice anywhere within the boundaries Delray Beach. This is the public’s chance to walk around, see what’s happening, talk to the artists and experience one of the best Delray Beach events.


At 4:30 pm on Saturday, judge Katie Deits, Executive Director at Florida CraftArt, will jury the show, selecting those artists who will win. The awards total more than $2,000.00 in cash. Additional awards, including advertising in Plein Air Magazine, gift certificates and merchandise from Hands Art Supply in Delray Beach, Jack Richeson & Company, Gamblin Art Supplies, and local merchants: Ludwig Frameworks, City Oyster and Sushi, Traverna Opa & Unique Boutique are also given.  Then, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, a reception, exhibit and sale will take place at the Old School Square’s Ocean Breeze room and the Loge walkway connecting to the Cornell Museum in Delray Beach.


Plein Air Palm Beach Fun Fest 2017  Ruth Weiss

Sunday, January 28

Open to Everyone

Meet at Delray’s Beach to Paint Live!


On Sunday, January 28, artist will line Delray Beach to Paint the Beach  just for FUN. This event is open to anyone and those registered don’t have to pay. Plein air painting is exciting, and invites viewers into the creative process: the sights, sounds, and even smells of the artists’ world.  Details TBA.  



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