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Center For Creative Education Gallery Announces “Two Visions One World” Featuring Seth Resnick And Dede Pickering

The Center For Creative Education Gallery presents “Two Visions One World” featuring the Fine Art Photography of Dede Pickering and Seth Resnick.  The Exhibition runs now through January 28, 2017.  The Public is invited to the Opening Reception on Saturday, January 7, 2017.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.






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Dede Pickering:



My photographs are meant to be a bridge between cultures and to express the universal human spirit.I am driven by my curiosity, sense of adventure and desire to explore the world. I was a traveller long before I was a photographer. Discovering the world has been a life long personal journey of soul-searching and self-discovery. Recording what I see has given me an increased empathy and connection to the world.Camera in hand I’ve traveled to six continents and more than one hundred countries, never hesitating to return to my favorite destinations. My passion remains The Far East and in particular the Buddhist areas that border the great Himalayan Mountain range.




“India” by Dede Pickering


My interest in photography grew out of my wish to record what I witnessed during my journeys to different cultures. That wish motivated me to document people and their everyday life, especially in marginalized communities. Stepping into the shoes of others was something I could only imagine. My camera changed that and serves as a bridge, not a barrier, to my subject allowing me to record hope and despair as well as the beauty and the roughness of the world.I enjoy the intimacy of photographing people. Photography helps me search deeply and intensely for expression and connection with my subject even in the darkest of circumstances. Looking into the eyes of others has served as my own reflection and helped me realize that we all share one world with similar dreams and aspirations.






“Cuba” by Dede Pickering




Interacting with strangers is one of the greatest gifts photography has given me. Travelling and welcoming the unknown has changed my life for the better. Based on what I have witnessed during my travels I know that every person can make a difference for good in this world. Even the biggest dreams and most ambitious goals begin with the actions of individuals, often beyond our own borders.For me, being involved in non-government charity work on behalf of women and children worldwide added purpose and meaning to my life and photography. I’ve witnessed the work of CARE and Women’s World Banking in the developing world and know the power and impact they can make on a community. When I combined my love of travel and photography to benefit humanity, everything changed and my life came together.



“Mynamar” by Dede Pickering




My camera and my curiosity have led me off the beaten path. The journey is often more important than the image to me. My lens has allowed me to look inside the lives of others and blur the differences. The person I am today reflects the places I have traveled and the people I have met along the way.




Seth Resnick:




Rotor” by Seth Resnick


My images are a journey into the personal space of my subject literally traversing and surveying into that space. I like graphic boundaries to place a limit on the space and through the use of layers and both straight and curved lines travel through that space deeply exploring the energy I feel from within that space. I want my viewers to see my photographs as an opportunity to consider the larger, unseen realities that contribute to the energy and uniqueness of my subjects.




“Dead Valley” by Seth Resnick




Ideally photographing isn’t just a record of a physical presence but a documentation of the encounter that exists between the energy I experience in my subject. In formal terms, my work is an exploration of a packed frame typically filled with layers in the form of light, texture and color. I am interested in both the tension and solitude that exists within the frame.



“Cape Tuxen” by Seth Resnick


I am attracted primary colors and most importantly formal boundaries are very important in my images. When I am shooting I feel I am exploring fantasy of nature. The images that work the best for me explore feelings of sensuality and create illusions but at the same time emphasize our fragile environment and instill a sense of responsibility to preserve it from further destruction.



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Empowering Students to Grow Creatively, Academically, and Socially Through Arts-Based Education




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