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Griffin Gallery Celebrates New Location With Second Saturday Exhibition Opening On April 9th

Griffin Gallery invites you to its Second Saturday Exhibition Opening, April 9, 2016 in their NEW LOCATION:  5501 N. Federal Hwy., #4, Boca Raton, FL, just north of Yamato Road on the west side of Federal Highway.  At this time Griffin Gallery is offering special discounts up to 25% on most works of art and artifacts over the amount of $1,000. In the month of April Griffin Gallery will be featuring an illuminated Hebrew text, “Ethics Of the Fathers”.  The Rickie Report shares the details. This is a perfect opportunity to bring families to see “history” in a new way!





5501 N. Federal Hwy., #4, Boca Raton, FL


Just north of Yamato Road on the west side of Federal Highway



Public Reception

Saturday, April 9, 2106

2:00 – 5:00 pm


Free and Open to the Public



PIRKEI AVOT (Ethics of the Fathers)


Hand Crafted Book by Rabbi Yonah Weinrib
Collector’s Ed. 93 of 613
Contemporary Leather, Bound with illuminations.







Pirkei Avos01


Detail, Chapter One: Moses received the Torah at Sinai & transmitted it to Joshua, and Joshua to the Elders, and the Elders to the Prophets, and the Prophets handed it down to the Men of the Great Assembly. They stated three principles: Be deliberate in judgment; educate many disciples; and set protective bounds for the Torah.)





Pirkei Avos, or Avot,  “Ethics of the Fathers” is a compilation of teachings and maxims of the Rabbis of the Mishnaic period. The teachings of Pirkei Avot appear in the Mishnaic tractate of Avot the second-to-last tractate in the order of Nezikin in the Talmud. Pirkei Avot is unique in that it is the only tractate of the Talmud dealing solely with ethical and moral principles; there is little or no halacha (Jewish law) found in Pirkei Avot.





Rabbi Yonah Weinrib is an artist / calligrapher who specializes in elaborate, researched-based manuscript illumination. One of his commissions was for a presentation award by Jewish National Fund to the King of Jordan. He is the co-author and illuminator of the Bar Mitzvah Treasury with Rabbi Yaakov Salomon. According to the artist, the text of Pirkei Avot is nearly 2000 year old. Rabbi Weinrib has skillfully woven images, illumination, profound research and commentary to create this breathtaking masterpiece whose messages come alive with contemporary meaning and lessons for life.






Three and one half years of artistic endeavor and illumination commentary are reflected in this work. The edition, encased in a luxurious leather binding, with each of the 49 art prints housed in a protective mylar sleeve, is limited to 613 signed and numbered edition, plus 48 A.P. Sets. Over 539 editions have been subscribed to by prestigious museums, galleries, and private collectors worldwide.






Griffin Gallery specializes in museum quality Ancient Art. Our holdings include over five hundred authentic artifacts that reflect a spectrum of the cultures of Antiquity in addition to contemporary and fine works of art. Among our treasures are pieces from Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Far East, the Near East, the Holy Land, Pre-Columbian cultures, and pre-historic Native America.






Griffin Gallery
5501 N. Federal Hwy., #4
Boca Raton, FL 33487
561.994.0811, fax: 561.994.1855

Sponsored by:

Beiner,Inkeles & Horvitz, P.A. 2000 Glades Road, Ste. 110, Boca Raton, FL, 33431, (561) 750-1800



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