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Artwork Touches The Heart – Naliyah Adrienne Williams

The Holtz Children’s Hospital, part of the University of Miami/Jackson Medical Center is a place of healing and hope.  March 31st would have been -‘ 12th birthday and Naliyah’s family wants to share her message of positivity with everyone.  The Rickie Report shares a glimpse of how art has affected this family’s journey.  Our goal is to help you see “art” as more than just visual pleasure…that artwork itself, as well as the creation of the artwork can be powerful medicine!



Naliyah   Adrienne   Williams



Embracing the Holtz model, Naliyah’s family was involved with her medical treatment and support services. Her “Nana”, Jean Notewell Williams is a woman of great faith and perseverance. So many are familiar with her book,” A Little More Cream and Sugar” which shares witticisms and artwork from many in the extended family.    







Naliyah’s artwork at  the Hibiscus Treatment Room at Holtz Children’s Hospital Miami

“The trip to the hospital was taken for eight years, with a few interval weeks, but most of the time, my son and I drove daily. We chimed in to contribute to the refurbishing of the 6A Playroom at Holtz Hospital”.




March 31st would have marked the twelve birthday of her precious granddaughter, Naliyah Adrienne Williams.  Jean tells The Rickie Report, “The youngster went home to be with the Lord at the purposed-filled life at ten-years old. Naliyah, inspired my handbag line and the book “A Little More Cream and Sugar featuring Naliyah, Nana’s Little Angel”. The captivating and inspiring life memoir of this little girl is in the works. Please, take a glimpse of a few images (of the “Love Like Liyah” movement) and how her legacy continues…”




Naliyah loved creating and sharing her artwork. 


“Naliyah, with her eyes so puffy many times, could barely see, donned in pink p.j.’s, miniature i.v. poles in tow…you ached as you observed her determination ‘to just make it to the Playroom’. Stay tuned to the riveting memoir of ten-years old bundle of joy, designer, writer, artist, Jr. Chef, teacher, model and more…”




Destiny Robinson attends Dreyfoos School of The Arts.

IMG_6018Her artwork helped sustain Naliyah’s upbeat attitude.




 Notewell is the grateful mother of five children and fourteen grandchildren.  Jean’s book is a family affair, reaching beyond this inspiring child. Jean tells The Rickie Report, “All the art work in the book is by me except for a few crafts and designed apparel by Liyah. There is a painting by her father. My other granddaughter, Destiny has an acrylic painting and an illustration in the book. My eldest did the layout and text formatting”.






Creating artwork and working on crafts together, throughout Liyah’s life, continues to weave a unique fabric of comfort and sustenance within this family.  They experienced a special human touch and sense of creativity at Holtz and brought that back to their own homes.  It continues to resonate with them and help them remember Naliyah as a lover-of-life.




According to Holtz’ website, “Art, dance, and music all appeal to a person’s senses and may be used as therapy in many situations. Each helps a person express himself or herself and helps distract from the disease or illness: Art therapy… can help a person deal with emotional conflicts, become aware of issues, and express unspoken concerns. Art therapy includes painting, sculpting, drawing, and any other form of art”.






 Here is a photo of Naliyah with her cousin, Kha’leria.

The art work was created by Naliyah’s seven-year old cousin, Kha’leria.

She is also penning a book about Naliyah.


A major part of this family’s therapy in dealing with their loss is to give back to the community.  Currently, there are two fitness centers who incorporate a special “Liyah’s Princess Warrior” maneuver.  The people involved are part of something bigger than themselves and their increased awareness imparts more strength to bring funds to Jackson Health Foundation.










Jean Williams presenting a check to Jackson Health Foundation in Miami,FL.



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Naliyah was multi-talented…You could say, it’s in the genes. “Nana” Jean, is a member of the APBC Art of Park Gallery in Lake Park, Florida. She has exhibited her photography nationally.  Jean Notewell Williams, is the creative entrepreneur of Dreams by Jeannie (c). The business includes her designer Jean and Leather Handbags, Books, Parfum and Photography. Her book, ” A Little More Cream and Sugar” can be found through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, YouTUBE, Instagram…






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