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Michele Feder Is Featured Artist At Spanish River Library In Boca Raton

The Spanish River Library in Boca Raton invites you to enjoy the artistic journey of Michele Feder.  The exhibit is free, with an Opening Reception to meet the Artist on March 24th. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of this Nationally acclaimed artist, whose works are collected both privately and in public settings.  Michele shares her insights as she continues to deepen and develop her artistic voice. 






M   I   C   H   E   L   E              F   E   D   E   R






Thursday, March 24th

5 – 7 pm



In the Friend’s Gallery on the Second Floor

Spanish River Library

1501 Spanish River Blvd.       Boca Raton, FL 33431








MicheleFedertransition no.21

Michele Feder  “Transition #21”




Michele tells The Rickie Report, “My current work is a result of my recent stay at an artist retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Before Mexico I began to sketch and brainstorm a new format for my works. Somehow they found their way onto my canvases and I feel they are quite successful. During the retreat I had this self-awareness of my entangled relationships with family, friends and peers. I realized that my emotions were enmeshed with all those who had an effect on my life and these feelings came out miraculously in my work. These paintings remind me of a web. It’s funny how subtle art can be”.





Commissioned Artwork by Michele Feder



She goes on to say, “My work is a product of inner growth, just a mere artifact of life. It is also a catalogue of my emotional discovery over many years. I’ve come to realize that it is not only a study of technique and medium, but also a study of self. When viewing my work from afar I see how tightly woven my thoughts and personality are, and how they fester into obsessive works of art. I have discovered that this aspect of my character is cemented most permanently; I have come to terms that the personality is only flexible to a certain degree. I am forever fastidious and somewhat rigid. But, with that said I have begun to notice the soft subtleties and grey areas of life; the fascinating wonders missed due to polarized thinking”.






“Bands” by Michele Feder




Michele says, “It is difficult to completely understand the different aspects of yourself; there are the many considerations of personality, environment, DNA, society and so forth. These different components need to be dissected to find order. For me, art has been a catalyst in this process. Abstract shapes and color reflect the newly defined and segmented areas of self-awareness”.


MicheleFedertransition no.8

Michele Feder  “Transition #8”



Artist Statement:


“I’m an abstract expressionist artist. I approach my canvases by delving into the subconscious, which is the beginning of an abstract work of art. There is no treading on light ground or the superficial, once a brush touches the canvas a world of emotions unravel, and with great effort. Sometimes the paint flows naturally and easily, but there are those moments of difficulty and frustration. When there are no objects to look at nor their tangibility to abide by, the task of art making becomes challenging. The relationship is complex, much like a marriage. There are those intermittent days that I have to look beyond the surface of the marriage to evolve through time. This is what happens with abstract expressionism, the work moves over a period of time and builds upon a fundamental infrastructure. And there are the moments of contact and connection with the subconscious that sometimes come fleetly or last long periods of time”.



Michele Feder  ”  Color Study #31″




“After being conditioned to realism for over a period of fifteen years, I realized I was only treading the surface of life, but with abstract expressionism I’m able to touch the core of my soul, which was once found and trapped in tangible objects. I was tied to the affinity of my own outer-shell. The transition from realism to abstract works was a defying moment in my career and also my own personal growth. It required many sessions of self-discovery to lead up to the ultimate bliss of knowing my subconscious”.



MicheleFedertransition no.14

Michele Feder “Transition 14”




“I didn’t think such feelings of profound complexity would ever surface in my work. So concentrated and buried were my emotions that my soul burst upon arrival of layers in-between layers of paint. At one point these layers of emotions lay hidden until I became bored with my own superfluous habits – day in and day out. I still have the old habit of running on an infinite wheel, but since I have worked with abstract paintings a new persona comes forth. It shows itself with much pride and exuberance”.



Michele Feder “Blue and Copper”




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Michele’s artistic journey has taken her throughout the United States as an award winning artist.  She has shared her creative skills by teaching locally as well as in Mexico.  Her SOLO and Group Exhibits include the cities of San Francisco, Atlanta, Delray Beach, Miami, Boca Raton, Houston and in North Carolina. Her list of Commissions includes Corporate and Private Collections nation-wide, including the Sagamore Hotel, world renown art collector, Marty Margulies, Florida Joint and Spine Institute, Coral Springs, FL, among many. She is a graduate of Syracuse University (BFA), Moore College of Art, and Interlochen Center for the Arts.





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