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Yury “Lobo” (aka Slobodenyuk) Shares His Freedom Of Expression Through Abstract Art and Collage

For Yury “Lobo” (aka Slobodenuk), “freedom of expression” is a deeply personal lesson. Raised in Germany, Russia, and the Ukraine before coming to the United States in 1991, since his early childhood, Yury has been fascinated by color and collage.  His fearless style is evident as we look at his bold colors and strokes. We see how his life experiences (he fled the USSR due to political persecution) shine through in his satirical and political collage work.  Yury appreciates the freedom to express himself and The Rickie Report is pleased to share this emerging artist’s work.  The Singer Island Corporate Center located on Singer Island, FL. is featuring Yury’s artwork and a local film production company recently purchased the rights to produce a short film about Yury and Jackson Pollock’s influence on his life and art. 



Y  U  R  Y      L O B O 



Since his early childhood, Yury Slobodenuk has been fascinated with the world of wild colors and the art of collage.  However, he never considered becoming a professional artist partly due to the lack of encouragement from his parents and partly due to the general disapproval of this “degenerate art” by the Soviet authorities.  What stands out in his memory is a visit to the first American National Exhibition with his mother in July, 1959, featuring among others, Jackson Pollock’s “Cathedral”.  Yury was shocked and amazed at the same time.  He tells The Rickie Report, “Most visitors considered it a bad taste. But the impact on my subconscious at the age of 12 was life changing. That is why my interests centered later on with more avant-garde artists.  I appreciate Van Gogh, Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich, Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Brague, Warhol, Rothko, Klimt, Shiele, Modigliani and of course, Pollock.”




“Composition #2” by Yury Lobo

Homage to Kasimir Malevich

Acrylic on Canvas

48″ x 60″




Yury created a few paintings for close friends and family, trusting his inner instincts.  Back then, in the USSR he didn’t have the courage to paint and share his passion for abstract expressionism and collage publicly.  Keeping his painting mostly to himself, he pursued a career that was more economically sound. He received a Masters degree in German and English, studied the history of art and worked as a licensed multilingual guide at the majors art museums in the former USSR.  He became a journalist, interpreter, German teacher, TV script writer.




YuriSlobodenukYellow Tulips after a violent snowstorm in May

“Yellow Tulips after a violent snowstorm in May” by Yury Lobo

Homage to Vincent Van Gogh

Acrylic on Board

24″ x 36″




Having fled the USSR in 1991 for political reasons, Yury first established himself in Miami and pursued his journalism career, working for several Russian-American newspapers.  Later, he started one of his own, but sold it in 2007 and moved to West Palm Beach, where he continues his career as a German teacher and now a contemporary artist. Yury’s artwork can be seen at Art on Park Gallery, home of the Artists of Palm Beach County, located in Lake Park, FL., in Artworks Gallery located in West Palm Beach, FL., and in private collections through the world.





YuriSlobodenukInfinity at My Fingertips -3

“Infinity At My Fingertips” by Yury Lobo

Homage to Jackson Pollock

Acrylic on Board 27″ x 32″



The freedom of expression in America has motivated and inspired Yury to fulfill the dream of his youth – sharing his creative side publicly.  His artistic name, “Lobo” is a shortened form of his long Ukrainian last name, “Slobodenyuk”, which translates to ” a free man”.  “Lobo” means “wolf”, the symbol of the tireless will, yearning for freedom.  





“Americana”  by Yury Lobo

Homage to Elvis and Marilyn

Mixed Media on Board

29″ x 35″



Yury tells The Rickie Report, ” My fellow countryman, Kasimir Malevich once said, ‘Comrades, arise, free yourselves from the tyranny of objects!’  In this sense, I, like him, consider myself an abstract artist and a revolutionary.  My battle cry is ‘Stop copying the world! Create a new one!’  Whoever is afraid of bright colors is afraid of life, which I am not”.  Furthermore, Yuri confesses, ” I know it sounds nuts, but I consider myself a kind of modern reincarnation of the late Jackson Pollock who, in his own words was a “cowboy” painter. Like him, I’m painting “from the hip”, creating huge abstract compositions within minutes, using brusque wild strokes of bold colors.  Some of my colleagues (part joking, part serious) are dubbing me “Jack The Whipper” for whipping that canvas with paint instead of dripping it as Jack The Dripper (Jackson Pollock) did”.





YuriSlobodenukKilling Oil Fields of Florida

“Killing Oil Fields of Florida” by Yury Lobo

Mixed Media on Board

36″ x 48″



Yury goes on to explain, “In the art of collage, I represent a completely different point of view.  My slightly distorted collages are pretty close to reality and filled with hidden ironies and sometimes tragic messages.  Being a history buff, I can’t help but act as the mocking bird, laughing at the human inability to learn from history…which of course sees that such ignorance is doomed to repeat itself.  Every collage is a “time capsule” with a message to future generations.  A true artist is about the inner energy which he or she tunnels to the public through the art. If there is no reaction at the receiving end, then the energy was either poor or lost in artistic translation”.



YuriAmerican Mosaic

“American Mosaic” by Yury Lobo


21″ x 36″





Yury’s artwork is currently being featured at:

The Singer Island Corporate Center

2655 North Ocean Drive

Singer Island, FL


Art On Park Gallery

800 Park Avenue  Lake Park, FL







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