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Barry Friedman Now Showing At Two Local Galleries

Emerging artist, Barry Friedman, is now showing his artistry at two galleries!  His unique art, created with plaster and paint, makes a statement but not only on walls! This Delray-based artist’s work makes terrific table tops which can be imagined for a client’s specific decor.  Use one of Friedman’s pieces within a lit buffet cabinet or add your own seashells to a coffee table top!  The Rickie Report shares some photos, but having seen these, knows it is best to see them in person.  




Imaginative Texture and Color

Artisans On The Ave is having a special opening for Father’s Day, on June 19  6-9 pm

 Barry will be one of the featured artists. It is open to the public.


Artisans On The Ave

630 Lake Avenue    Lake Worth

OSGS Gallery

 500 Northwood Road   West Palm Beach


"Multi-Tex" by Barry Friedman

“Multi-Tex” by Barry Friedman


Barry Friedman is new to the local art scene, or for that matter, pretty new to art! But that is not stopping him from creating and showing his work. Barry’s favorite memories of childhood are the times when he was creating sculptures from nails and scrap pieces of wood. At the time, he didn’t consider it sculpture or even art and had no idea where it would lead, but he knew he loved doing it.



Mirror by Barry Friedman

Mirror by Barry Friedman


Now many years later, Berry’s works have become more complex and are no longer made of scraps but the same attitude of fun and creativity remains when creating art and is evident in every piece.  Barry started out in the garment industry in New York, working with his father.  While there, he studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology and found himself drawn to creating designs that incorporated innovative blends of color incorporated with unique and novel textures.



"Ocean Table" by Barry Friedman

“Ocean Table” by Barry Friedman

Add your sea shells or other found objects!

Barry also welcomes commissions and will create wall art or furniture to your specifications and colors.




Some years later, while working at Marvel Entertainment, he was mesmerized watching comic books and consumer packaging come to life utilizing various airbrush techniques.  He dabbled in some airbrush painting but his main focus was work and family.




Wall Art by Barry Friedman

Wall Art by Barry Friedman, Hanging at OSGS


After 20 plus years in the apparel field, Barry began working in the world of technology. While this challenged his creativity, it was completely different type of creative expression and he still missed expressing his vision of color and texture.  Barry began experimenting with various mediums in an effort to find the perfect vehicle to express that combination and discovered plaster in a most peculiar way.  When rollerblading, he fell and broke his wrist!  While watching the plaster being applied to his wrist, the answer to his creative quandary was suddenly very apparent!


"Ocean Waves" by Barry Friedman

“Ocean Waves” by Barry Friedman


This inspired him to use plaster and incorporate it in an unconventional way to create art. He began making beautiful textural pieces enhanced by the use of color, applied with an airbrush, designing wall art as well as furniture.


Lit Buffet by Barry Friedman

Lit Buffet by Barry Friedman

Customize with your color scheme!




Barry says, “My work is an exploration in texture and color. Drawing from my background in the apparel and technology industries, I work in plaster with a childlike curiosity, never knowing what shape the plaster will take.  When the shape and structure emerge, I apply color with an airbrush giving life and character to the textures I have created.”



"Multi Color Table" by Barry Friedman

“Multi Color Table” by Barry Friedman


A few months ago, Barry decided to take a leap of faith and bring his work to the public. He hired a rep, had a website created and hit the road. Barry is proud to say that his work is now available for purchase at OSGS Gallery in the Northwood district of West Palm Beach and at Artisans On The Ave in Lake Worth.




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