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The “Magical” Necklace by Susan Nessel, Student At The Armory Art Center

The Rickie Report knows that this time of year is one of flux and change, as people graduate and move onto another road in life’s journey.  The “Magical Necklace” is such a wonderful way to share the legacy of the time shared together. We thank Susan Nessel, a student at the Armory Art Center, for her creativity and willingness to share this lesson of gratitude. 





Armory Art Center

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“The Magical Necklace”


Susan Nessel is a jewelry designer and metalsmith from Jupiter, FL. She wanted to convey her respect and admiration for her fellow artist and long time friend, Elizabeth Kleiman of Palm Beach, FL by presenting her with a Magical Necklace at a farewell party given in her honor at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach.



Susanʼs idea was to have Elizabethʼs fellow artists in the Metal, Jewelry and Glass Departments at the Armory Art Center each create an individual bead representing their unique style of work. A necklace was then designed and fabricated by Susan incorporating all of the handmade pieces.  There was so much interest in the project from all of the artists wanting to show support for their fellow artist that the necklace became very long.



Kleiman wearing her Magical necklace

Elizabeth Kleiman wearing her Magical necklace


The very long Magical Necklace represents not only the respect and admiration for a long time friend by her peers but the true benefit and value of community and sharing in a creative and supportive environment made possible by the Armory Art Center.  Elizabethʼs commitment to the Armory for over 15 years will be greatly missed as she retires to Boston, MA.




The contributing artists include: Susan Nessel, Janice Weisler, Joe Brandom, Rishar Miranda, Ruth Hartman, Denise Delrusso, Nikki Trammell, Kirsten Lievendag, Aliza Gerstein, Pat Levey, Lisa Johnson, Gail Brader, Shari La Brenz, Ellen Levy, Camile Perrin, Gail Leavitt, Margo Gibson.


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