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Jean “Notewell” Gibson Williams Offers Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Jean “Notewell” Gibson Williams recognizes that joy, anticipation, memories and wishes unfulfilled are all part of life.  The Rickie Report has written about Jeanne’s wide variety of creative endeavors, entrepreneurial aspirations, speaking engagements and beloved book about Naliyah Nana’s lil Angel.  In anticipation of Mother’s Day, here are some images and ideas for YOU to share with others or just for yourself!






Jean “Notewell” Gibson Williams



Jean offers embellished gifts, affordable original photography from around the world, and her limited Exclusively by Jeannie (c) Handbag Line.



Handmade Purse by Jeanne Williams

Handmade Purse by Jeanne Williams



When Jean says, “My direction has a purpose”, you can feel her creative energy and you want to be part of it!  Recently, she was guest speaker at the Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs, NY.  For her, it was a special privilege, as the granddaughter of the late Founder/Pastor Frank Gibson of Universal (Baptist Church) Preservation Hall, the Cultural Hub of Saratoga Springs, NY.  Jean spreads her love of life and all things creative wherever she goes!





Glittery Pens!

Individualized Glittery Pens!


Jean was a triumphant invited participant in Boston’s Fashion Week!

Jean Williams

Jean Williams

Jean Williams' "Bespoke Parfum"

Jean Williams’ “Parfum”




Unusual Purses and Jewelry

Unusual Purses and Jewelry



Jean continues to travel nationally, speaking and signing her heartfelt book, “A Little More Cream and Sugar” featuring Naliyah, Nana’s Angel.







Jean tells The Rickie Report, “Naliyah has gotten her little wings and the message of hope, courage and inspiration are continuing to touch everyone’s hearts, as they read “A Little More Cream and Sugar”. We send a heartfelt thank you to everyone for the love extended unto us. The Lovelikeliyah10 Foundation events will be forthcoming.”


"Veil of Judgement" Original Photography by Jean Williams

“Veil of Judgement” Original Photography by Jean Williams


Pick up the moving saga of a multi-talented ten year old, “A Lil More Cream & Sugar” featuring Naliyah, Nana’s lil Angel @Amazon, Barned & Noble, You Tube, PRWeb, aired @BRVO, ENT, TRU TV, MSNBC. Purchase: Exclusive By Jeannie (c) Accessories @It’zzz..Time,  “Nothing”(R) Parfum but the Best to you! 


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