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What Are Your Next Steps When Your Work Is Being Exhibited?

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to a Gallery, Art Festival, Art Exhibit, SOLO Exhibit or you are making a presentation or doing a demo!  When you show your work anywhere, what should you do next?  The Rickie Report discusses next steps to increase public awareness, viewings and sales.



You’ve Been Accepted!  Now What?



Congratulations!  You’ve just been accepted to:


__          A Juried Art Exhibit/Art Show

__          A Coop Gallery

__          A Vanity Gallery

__          A Traditional Gallery

__          A Publication

__           Other  ( Presenting, Giving a Demo)




Tell everyone you know!  Your passion and excitement is infectious!  

You are THE BEST person to tell others about your artwork.


  • Social Media
  • Print Media
  • Web Media ( like The Rickie Report)
  • Radio ( some stations include local events, especially if there is a Charity involved)
  • Television ( see comment above)
  • YOUR WEBSITE  (Have you updated it to include the new event?)
  • People you meet in your daily life (Seriously, if other people overhear your conversation in the grocery line, they might want to attend!)   Have your business cards ready!


Once you receive your acceptance, it is time to send out a press release!  


Brief Artist Statement which can be used as a quote from you.

Brief overview of the highlights of your art career.  

Who ( you)

What (the Exhibit, Festival, Organization or Gallery)

When ( When does the exhibit or show run? Is there a special Opening Reception?)

How Much (Is there a charge to attend?)

Where ( Exact street address.  If it’s a tough-to-find locale, include GPS information)

Why ( Is this a benefit for a Charity, A special Commemorative Event?)

At least 3 good quality jpegs  ( sending low resolution for web and higher resolution for print makes the life of an editor much easier – we’ll talk about this later)

Title your jpegs AND include your name!  

Include: medium, size and price

Your Website address.

Links to Facebook and any other Social Media you are involved with.

Your phone number  (Really!  Some of us still call people to confirm pieces of information)

Kill Date – What is the latest date a publication can use your material?

An overview of the exhibit ( Does it have a theme, how many pieces were accepted, what do the Exhibit or Gallery Coordinators want the public to know?)

Email address and phone number



Making It Easy For The Editor

Include all of the information in one email or one snail mail 

Send  jpegs 

For each jpeg, please include Your Name, Title, Medium, Size and Price

No handwritten notes

Send a cohesive Press Release ( If you need help with this, we can suggest a template to get you started)

Follow up – with an email or a phone call to see if there is anything else you need to send

Other Points to Consider:

Ask the gallery or Exhibit Coordinator where their Press Releases were sent.

Ask if it is OK for you to send out a Press Release on your own behalf?

Do they want you to only use their press release or can you add some personalization to theirs?

How many exhibit or gallery cards will you be given to distribute?

While it is lots of fun to have your family and friends come to the Opening,  you also need to contact previous clients. Even if they don’t live nearby, this will pique their interest and remind them about your work.  The goal is to help bring in sales!


The Rickie Report is here to help you network.  We are read by artists and art patrons around the world. We look forward to hearing from you when you get accepted into an Art Show, Gallery or Exhibit and are giving a presentation or demonstration.  Please give us at least 3-4 weeks advance notice so we can place your article in our publication in a timely manner.  (There are times when we do have openings at the last minute, so it is always good to check…but it is best for YOU to be in touch as soon as you get your acceptance).


Your involvement in any Art Show, Exhibit or Gallery is a partnership.  

Be sure you are doing your part in making it successful! 


For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher

The Rickie Report

P.O.Box 33423

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420


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