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Brigitte Balbinot New Works are Featured at AR Gallery in Delray Beach

Brigitte Balbinot says, “Painting isn’t what I do it is simply who I am”.  Her abstract art pieces evoke an emotional response within each viewer.  Her newest collection, “Imperfection” will be featured at AR Gallery in Delray Beach’s Artists Alley.  The Rickie Report gives you a sneak peek and the details here. 





AR Gallery

Artists Alley Delray Beach


Brigitte Balbinot


showcasing new works 


February 6, 2015


Opening Reception 6-9 pm

AR Gallery – Artists Alley
340-D NE 4th Street      Delray Beach, FL 33444

Gallery Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday   12-5 PM

Third Thursday of Each Month   6-9 PM

And By Appointment
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Tel.: 561.444.9989 | 561.289.4542




Brigitte Balbinot tells us, ” When I create, it is my way to communicate with the world. With each painting, there is a special dialogue that is intimate. I aim to provoke an emotional reaction in the viewer. Sometimes it is in the form of a question; sometimes it is simply a feeling or a mood that comes about. Regardless of its interpretation, I strive to inspire”.



“Bamboo II” by Brigitte Balbinot



“I favor abstract painting and use a minimalistic approach in my work. To me simplicity is about bringing order to complexity. When the work is streamlined, it enables the mind to expand. Only then can imagination happen. I love depth and textures, they remind me of what once was”.


"Wasabi" by Brigitte Balbinot

“Wasabi” by Brigitte Balbinot



“The philosophy Wabi-Sabi from the Zen Buddhist culture that is centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection plays a definite role in my creative process. My paintings sometimes appear to be “scarred” and “worn”, survivors of a long journey having a story to tell… Working with oil paint, pigments and various mediums allow me to create a work that is rich in substance and interesting to look at. I prefer to work large as it creates a stronger focal point that captures the viewer’s attention”.



"Japan" by Brigitte Balbinot

“Japan” by Brigitte Balbinot



Brigitte Balbinot, Artist, was born in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Over the years, she  traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. These experiences have contributed to define her as an Artist.  In 1988, a visit in Paris was a turning point. At the Pompidou Museum, the discovery of Salvador Dali’s work “The Persistence of Memory”, in which melting watches rest in an eerily calm landscape inspired her to create art that  convey self-reflection, emotional response and inspiration.


"Windmill" by Brigitte Balbinot

Windmill” by Brigitte Balbinot


“My work  is about feelings and emotions”  she says. The use of textures, juxtaposition of numerous layers of paint and special pigments  contribute to add depth and light to her paintings which are meant to be interesting, complex and simple all at the same time.



"Lost Civilization" by Brigitte Balbinot

“Lost Civilization” by Brigitte Balbinot



Brigitte’s work is part of  private collections and commercial collections in North America and Europe.  The Artist divides her time between her two studios located in South Florida and the province of Quebec. Her paintings have garnered awards and accolades wherever she has exhibited.



"My Little Dragon" by Brigitte Balbinot

“My Little Dragon” by Brigitte Balbinot




"Scripture" by Brigitte Balbinot

“Scripture” by Brigitte Balbinot


For more information please contact Brigitte Balbinot, Artist at   561.324.8744

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