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Jean Hutchison’s Book Signing Heralds the “Fashion Evolution” and Kicks Off “Fashion Week” in Delray Beach

Jean Hutchison’s early interest in science morphed into a serious and extensive study of evolution.  Along the way, Jean combined her artistic creativity. Her primate paintings and other fine art pieces have long been lauded throughout the art community. The more she painted, the more these primates took on lives of their own!  The Rickie Report is pleased to announce the publication of her first book, “Fashion Evolution or What are the Primates Wearing these Days”.  Jean will be signing books at United States of Fitness in Delray Beach on January 15th and there will be a party on January 17th.  The images and stories Jean shares will give you a lift and a laugh. Here are the details and a sneak peek.








What are the Primates

Wearing these Days”

Book Signing 

Thursday, January 15th    5:30 – 8 pm

Fashion Week Kick Off Party

Saturday, January 17th   11 am – 3 pm

United States of Fitness

233 NE 2nd Avenue   DelrayBeach,FL 

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Join artist, Jean Hutchison, at The United State of Fitness  at 233 NE 2nd Avenue in Delray Beach during the month of January.   Her primate paintings will be on exhibit throughout the month.  There will be a reception and book signing the evening of the January 15th ( coincides with Artist’s Alley which is just around the corner) from 5:30 to 8PM. Then at the start of Fashion Week in Delray there will be a party from 11AM to 3PM.


"Lady in Waiting" by Jean Hutchison

“Lady in Waiting” by Jean Hutchison


Jean Hutchison grew up working in her father’s drug store and went to pharmacy school at the age of 17.  That interest in science has stayed with her, morphing into an extensive study of evolution.  Along with that has been an abiding interest in art.  Jean has studied with some of the best artists.



Early man was pretty ugly from Jean’s viewpoint, so she decided to focus on primates and dress them in human clothes.  Her own brief modeling career led her to do a series of primates as fashion models, complete with their haughty look.  From there, Jean went on to use images of queens, maids, circus performers and other images that amused her.



"Fashion Evolution" by Jean Hutchison

“Fashion Evolution” by Jean Hutchison



Jean tells us, “Humans have their closest bond with African apes, having split from them in evolutionary terms between five and ten million years ago. However humans regard all primates as similar; their mannerisms, dexterity and mimicry have qualified them to be seen as mirroring all the vices and virtues of human behavior. In the Hindu tradition the monkey represents benevolence and gentleness as well as strength, loyalty and self-sacrifice”.


"Fashion Evolution XIV" by Jean Hutchison

“Fashion Evolution XIV” by Jean Hutchison



As she painted, the primates took on a life of their own and a series of stories began to develop.  Jean tells The Rickie Report, “I had my personal trainer at the gym pose on a machine and he has become an orangutan!  Of course, there will be a story about Mike!”  Her book is available on Amazon.



"Personal Trainer" by Jean Hutchison

“Personal Trainer” by Jean Hutchison


For more information about Jean Hutchison and her artwork and book, please contact her at  or visit




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