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Whitespace Grand Opening Celebrates Berlin Wall’s Destruction, Small Group Tours, Free Max Toth Poster PLUS Meet Leland Rice

Whitespace announces the GRAND SEASON OPENING this Thursday, November 20th with a special evening event.  The Opening Exhibit continues through Friday and the weekend.  There is a special group exhibition commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall, “Pushing Boundaries” that you won’t want to miss!  Meet the artist and author, Leland Rice.  Additional exhibitions include ceramics by Christa Assad, Hassan Hajjaj’s mixed media photography and a special FREE poster by Max Toth.  New this year is the chance for small groups to have guided tours.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.  





Thursday November 20th 6 pm-9 pm (Opening Evening Event)
Friday Nov. 21st, Saturday Nov. 22nd, Sunday Nov. 23rd 11 am-4 pm


A group exhibition commemorating the 25th anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall.



whitespace2015 pushingboundarieslogo


This momentous global event caused contemplation on the idea of boundaries – not just political and geographical boundaries, but also boundaries of feminism, religion, race, culture and intellectual thoughts. This exhibition celebrates the unwavering human spirit which finds a path to overcome adversity.




Whitespace2015 darkcityboth

Opening Event November 20th 6pm-9pm and Saturday 1pm-4pm

Meet the artist Leland Rice

Book signing of his Berlin Wall catalog

-past exhibitions include San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA), group exhibition at Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)



additional exhibiting artists include but not limited to


Hassan Hajjaj –
Moroccan – Photography/Mixed Media


Christa Assad
Syrian/American – Ceramic


whitespaceChristaAssad_Gas Mask III


Format 18×24  Season 4

free to all that attend Whitespace!

MAX TOTH    2014-2015

The primal urges of Toth’s line based figures fuel their games of

conquest, loyalty, power, and pecking order.  Each individual

seeks their place within the group as well as in the world. This

project depicts King of the Raft, a battle fought to be ruler of a

floating,  bird-shit-covered, putting-green kingdom. The new

ruler revels in their status, until they too are overthrown and

the struggle for power continues. They move in a writhing pack,

roles and authority shifting, leaders crowned, usurped,

swallowed, and replaced. In a world where games are played

in an attempt to defy limitations – a raft becomes a kingdom!


Admission to Whitespace
$10 per person. Students with valid ID $5 per person
includes free collectible Max Toth Poster



Whitespace is the private contemporary art exhibition space located in West Palm Beach.  This collection spans over 30 years and has a unique European approach.  One of the strengths of the collection is the consistency of vision that it exhibits and, in addition, has also been characterized by its enthusiasm and focus.  Whitespace has approximately 8000 square feet of exhibition space which has partial permanent programming and a changing project space entitled “Whitebox”, which has curated exhibitions which meet a high level of competency, vision and creativity.  This is the only venue of this type in this area.


Please join us this season
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For more information:

2805 N. Australian Avenue West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
T:561.842.4131 F:561.842.4132




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