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The Creativity of Every Day Objects by Ray Gross Goes Worldwide

Ray Gross’ ceramic pieces are well-known in Palm Beach County galleries and exhibit venues. Hyper-realistic, his porcelain sculptures are often mistaken for the “real thing”.  His hand bag series has a waiting list! Everyday objects have been turned into art statements through his creative vision. The Rickie Report celebrates Ray’s imagination with a listing of upcoming exhibits, including Wiesbaden, Germany!







The Creativity of Ray Gross



Painterly Ceramics by Ray Gross

Painterly Ceramics by Ray Gross




Ray Gross is an artist, sculptor and designer.  He was raised in South Florida in a creative home-setting, with his father who worked as a jeweler, painter and poet. His mother’s family is famous for their millinery business, designing ladies’ hats, especially in the Roaring 20’s styles.





"Louie,Louie" by Ray Gross

“Louie,Louie” by Ray Gross



After college and during his graduate studies at University of Florida, Ray worked as a graduate teaching assistant.  He established his first studio/gallery near the  famous “Homestead Hotel” near Warm Springs, VA.




"Camera View" by Ray Gross

“Camera View” by Ray Gross



Two years later, Ray partnered with Joan Farish to open “Clay Concepts” in West Palm Beach,FL.  and later founded Lake Avenue Gallery located in Lake Worth, FL.  Ray left the gallery in the late 1980’s to focus on his studio work.




Sterling Silver Sculptures by Ray Gross

Sterling Silver Sculptures by Ray Gross



Through The Buyers Market of American Crafts Council (PA) and Rosen Media (Baltimore, MD), Ray was invited to the American Craft Museum in New York City for a one-man SOLO Exhibition.  His hyper-realistic porcelain sculpture, “Harley” was an instant success and was exhibited throughout Museums on the East coast of the United States.  Many will remember seeing “Harley” at the Norton Museum, Boca Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art and at Art in Public Place at Palm Beach International Airport.



"Fishing" by Ray Gross

“Fishing” by Ray Gross



Keeping the same theme of hyper-realistic porcelain sculptures of objects of everyday Americana, this July, Ray had his first sellout show in the Hamptons.  He is being represented by Anthony Brunelli Gallery in Binghamton, NY.  His new work will be shown this season at the Binghamton Gallery as well as SCOPE Miami, Art Miami and Art Palm Beach (Whitespace’s “Collect”). Ray will be part of Whitespace Collections’s exhibits at the JCC in Palm Beach Gardens as well. His next stop on his world-wide tour is Weisbaden, Germany this Fall.

Special Show Schedule


Cultural Council of Palm Beach County  TRUNK SHOW

          Nov. 14th  6 – 9 pm   &  November 15  10 am – 3 pm

Whitespace Collection:  November 20, 21, 22, 23

Evan Lurie Gallery at RED DOT Art Fair Miami    Dec 2-7th


JCC Art Show :  December 11 ( Whitespace Collection)

Art Palm Beach: January, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25  (Through Whitespace Collection)

Art Wynwood Miami:  February 12 – 15

Continuously Showing:


Cultural Council of Palm Beach County

Artisans on the Ave.

The River Gallery (Chattanooga, TN)

A Unique Boutique (Delray Beach and Naples, FL)







"Artist Brushes" by Ray Gross

“Artist Brushes” by Ray Gross


Ray is a member of the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, where his sculptures are available in the gift shop. Ray also teaches at the Armory Arts Center Complex in W. Palm Beach. His creations can also be found at Artisans on the Ave  (Lake Worth, FL), The River Gallery (Chattanooga, TN), A Unique Boutique (Naples, FL and Cape Cod, MA).  Check out his new series, “Everything But the Girl”!




"Coco" by Ray Gross

“Coco” by Ray Gross


 Ray is available for small group or individual classes as well as commissions.

For more information please contact Ray at

 or 561- 951- 4749.





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