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Rickie Shares Ideas for Presenting And Selling Wearable Art: Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry

As we gear up for art shows, art fairs, craft fairs and exhibits of all kinds, The Rickie Report shares some ideas for successful aspects of presenting wearable art: including clothing, accessories and jewelry.  


Wearable Art


Showing your wearable art creations should consist of more than placing them on a hanger, jewelry bust or a mannequin form.  While these are practical, the object of showing your merchandise is to sell it!  Be a creative merchandiser!


  • Static arrangements can be creative.  An oversized, endearing stuffed animal can be draped with scarves or show off numerous brooches.
  • Hang a (DRY) dye vat upside down and have your fabrics flowing from it’s handles.
  • Hang earrings from an upturned wire fruit ripener with “S” hooks or from their own wires.
  • Show off clip earrings on a magnetic board shaped like an ear.
  • A set of metal mesh bookends can show off earrings in a small space.
  • Selling hat pins?  Show them off not only on hats, but large oversized pin cushions.
  • Bring a live model to your event!   Walking through the show with a small hand-held computer printed sign will guide visitors to your booth to check out more of your creations!  Ask the show promoter for permission to have your model hand out your business cards with your booth number.
  • In your photo album: show your accessories and wearable art on real people!  It is easier for the potential customer to imagine a hand sewn jacket on themselves.  Vary your models’ sizes, shapes and height.
  • Bring a small weaving loom so people gain a better understanding of how intricate your creations are!
  • Always have a mirror on hand!
  • Arm cuffs fit nicely around swimming noodles.  Hang the noodles horizontally in your space.
  • Watching an artist creating anything is a sure draw for an audience.  Take advantage of these teachable moments.  A well educated consumer = a better art patron!




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