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Kari Chapin Offers Personalized Approach to Marketing and a FREE Giveaway

Kari Chapin is a small business “how to” guru.  Her newest book offers crafters and artisans and  small businesses owners marketing basics.  She includes advertising and publicity, social media, selling online, in brick-and-mortar stores, and at fairs. She gives the one-woman business everything needed to become successful. The Rickie Report interviewed Kari, who lives in Portland,OR  for this article.  In addition to sharing her business suggestions, we are offering a FREE COPY of her book to our readers!  Kari will be offering a FREE webinar on July 5 & 6.  More details are in this article.




Kari Chapin’s


How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online!  



THE HANDMADE MARKETPLACE is aimed specifically at crafters, but the advice is universal.  This is an exceedingly practical guide on how to start a small business. (For example, the chapter entitled Establishing Basic Business Practices covers sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations; getting a tax ID number; basic bookkeeping; collecting money; pricing work; hiring professionals such as lawyers, accountants and publicists.)  You may work at home alone but you’ll feel like the CEO of a Fortune 500 firm!






In 2010, Kari Chapin worked as a manager and buyer for an upscale store in the Berkshires (MA).  She was looking for high-end textiles with a partiality toward recycled fabrics.  By contacting sellers through Etsy, she was able to find the pieces she needed.  However,  she found it difficult to get them to stock their work in her store.




She tells The Rickie Report, “I saw that they didn’t have the business skills necessary to market themselves to the fullest of their potential.”    Kari is an activist!  She began working with those sellers and creators forming a business plan to help them sell their goods both wholesale and retails.  She helped them market themselves!




When the store she was working at closed, Kari decided to draw on her own dream of being a writer.  The result is her helpful and insightful book.  Kari speaks to the psyche of the crafter and the artist.  Owning a creative business is different than other retail businesses.  “Crafters and artists are selling something very personal, almost a part of themselves.  Their mittens or paintings are not just another commodity”, she explains.




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This is Kari’s second book, an updated version of the first.  This is a DIY crash course in entrepreneurship.  She has broken the book’s lessons/activities into three parts: “Getting to know yourself and your business; Spreading the word and images; and Getting down to selling.” There are tips from business cards, pricing, photographing your work to blogging and being your own boss.  This is an easy-to-read helpful and insightful book.




Kari Chapin

Kari Chapin


Kari believes that certain areas of the United States are more conducive to successful creativity.  “Anecdotally, I see that highly creative people across generational lines are successful when they live in an environment that promotes and supports handmade products.”  The Rickie Report believes that Southeast Florida is one of those areas.  Which is why we will be offering a FREE copy of Kari’s book to our readers!



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