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How Do You Approach A Gallery About Exhibiting Your Work?

The Rickie Report receives numerous emails and phone calls from readers asking a variety of questions. We’ve invited Caren Hackman, author of “Graphic Design Exposed”, to be a guest columnist to answer some of them.  Caren interviewed Mary Woerner (owner of Mary Woerner Fine Arts), Mary Coyle (an exhibiting artist and manager of ArtHouse 429) and Ann Griffith (owner and exhibiting artist at Studio E Gallery) .  This article focuses on how to approach a gallery to exhibit your work.  The Rickie Report shares this information to inform, help and encourage artists to move beyond their own studio and share their creativity with the world.



How To Approach A Gallery

To Exhibit Your Work



Question:  “I am an artist. I would like to approach an art gallery about exhibiting my work. What is the best way to do this?


Caren Hackman, on behalf of The Rickie Report, met with three art gallery owners or managers to help answer this question. All of them were extremely helpful. The Rickie Report wants to everyone for sharing their time and suggestions. 


The Participants:


  • Mary Woerner, owner of Mary Woerner Fine Arts at 3700 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL.


  •  Mary Coyle, an exhibiting artist and manager of ArtHouse 429, located at 429 25th Street, West Palm Beach, FL.


  •  Ann Griffith, owner and exhibiting artist at Studio E Gallery in the PGA Commons East, 4600 PGA Blvd, Suite 101, Palm Beach Gardens, FL




Trying to find a gallery where your work and level of experience will be a good fit can be challenging.  All three of the galleries recommended that artists visit a prospective gallery or closely study the gallery’s website.  Each of the galleries have a description of their submission process online. However, visiting the galleries and speaking with the owners or managers helps to further clarify these preferences.



Bjorn Davidson with his painting at Studio E

Bjorn Davidson with his painting at Studio E



Galleries often offer clues on their website where they describe the kind of work that they exhibit and sell. For example, Studio E Gallery states their mission clearly on the “About Us” page of their website.

“Our mission is to support living artists. In our effort to be effective advocates for living art we seek to represent only committed career artists. We specialize in mid-career artists who are making their living as an artist.” 



Mary Woerner with "Green Dress" by Ida Fry

Mary Woerner with “Green Dress” by Ida Fry



Mary Woerner emphasized that she likes to hear the artists’ voice. Artists should submit fairly current work that is related by theme, style, or subject matter with a personal explanation about the pieces. She suggested that artists search for gallery representation outside of areas where they might already have achieved a level of saturation. Mary rarely takes on new artists. When she does she is looking for well-crafted work that is ready to hang. Although Mary likes figurative work, she admits that it is harder to sell. She likes colorists and artists who really know how to apply paint and can handle texture.


Mary Coyle with "Watermelon Jack" Photo by

Mary Coyle with “Watermelon Jack”  by Alec Monopoly



Mary Coyle of ArtHouse 429 explained that the gallery looks for artists who have developed their craft, and have a point of view or “voice.” ArtHouse 429 likes to see artists who have honed their skills and are ready to show work. For established artists, the gallery is looking for newer work that is part of an evolving body. Submissions are reviewed by the curator Bruce Helander and gallery owner William Halliday, who is also an exhibiting artist. He is interested in exhibiting work that is fresh, relevant, and of high quality.


E.Ann Griffith with her painting at Studio E

Ann Griffith with her painting at Studio E



Ann Griffith and her husband Evan, of Studio E Gallery, say that art is about feeling. “We use our hearts when selecting art. We are looking for a balance in the gallery, and generally emphasize artists located in the Southeastern U.S.” When I visited, Evan was traveling to look for new artwork to exhibit.


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Caren Hackman is a graphic designer and fine artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. and author of  a book about Graphic Design and Good Business practice. Design Exposed  Be sure to check out Caren’s wonderful artwork –  Caren is a talented artist in her own right!  She is a founding member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.

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