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Selling Your Art: More Resources To Consider

Heads up!  The United States government is involved in building/construction and buying and selling goods and services ( $500 Billion Annually )!!! The Rickie Report knows that for every building that is erected, there are walls, public spaces and a myriad of opportunities to display and sell your creative work!  In this article, we share the details of an upcoming FREE workshop that will help you through the maze of accessing any government contract.  You MUST PRE-REGISTER!  Can’t attend?  Send a representative!  The Think Tank which brought Art Synergy to reality in less than  9 months has taught us to THINK BIG!  The Rickie Report looks forward to hearing your good news and sharing it! 




Accessing Government Contracts

for Small Businesses




FREE Workshop!

Pre-Registration Required!


Wednesday, April 30


1:30 – 3:30 pm


Govt. Contracting

200 Military Trail, Jupiter, FL

Meeting Room  165A



Small Business owners, did you know that the federal government is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services ( totaling more than $500 billion a year) ?




Did you know that all contracts under $150,000 (except those under $2,500) are set aside solely for small businesses?




A workshop is scheduled on Wednesday, April 30th at the Jupiter Community Center on Military Trail.  This event is being collaboratively sponsored by the Town of Jupiter, the U.S. Small Business Development Administration and the Florida Small Business Development Center at Palm Beach State College Procurement Technical Assistance Center.  This workshop will help small business owners access any U.S. government contract.




For General Information please contact: E-mail   or call (561) 741-2495 




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