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Ray Neubert Exhibits at Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s Gallery

Ray Nuebert’s paintings demand and deserve more than a quick glance.  The viewer must not only read the words which are an integral part of the painting, but then take a wider view.  Subreal artist Ray Neubert explores painting, assemblage, photography and poetry in playful and profound ways for the reality below the surface.  The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s gallery is a perfect venue to see and appreciate his complex work.  The Rickie Report shares a sneak peak and details in this article and urges you to visit this exhibit.






Please join us at the Cultural Council

 Saturday,  April 26,    3-5 P.M.

To celebrate the Opening Reception of

Raymond P. Neubert

 in the Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center. 
Refreshments will be served.  
Exhibition runs: April 26 through May 24, 2014     
Tuesday through Saturday, 10AM to 5PM  


601 Lake Avenue         Lake Worth, FL  33460


"Lazy" by Raymond Neubert

“Lazy” by Raymond Neubert


Raymond P. Neubert’s recent art explores the relationship between his visual art and life in a playful combination of word play, expressionism and his own reality.  This journey began with his first Brownie Hawkeye camera, continuing with drawing, and ceramics, through the grid of warp and weft into digital pixilation.
by Raymond P. Neubert

by Raymond P. Neubert

The public is invited to a free reception on Saturday, April 26th to meet the artist and see his SOLO exhibit at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center. Refreshments will be served.  The Exhibition runs: April 26 through May 24, 2014.  The Cultural Council gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10AM to 5PM.  
The artist at work

The artist at work

Raymond recently finished a 4,000+ mile journey from his primary residence in West Palm Beach through Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Buffalo, Chicago, Kansas City MO. and Bentonville, Arkansas before returning to Florida.  He picked up the gallery in Occoquan, VA and is courting others in Cleveland and Kansas City.  
"Hot Thighs" by Raymond P. Neubert

“Hot Thighs” by Raymond P. Neubert

He has previously exhibited in South East Florida, Los Angeles, the Washington D.C. area, and North-East Ohio. Raymond participated in the prestigious Red Dot exhibit, 2012 in Miami,FL.  He is also a visiting artist at Los Feliz Charter School For The Arts  Los Angeles, California 2013.

“Sweetie” by Raymond Neubert

Raymond shares, ” My work is influenced by my father’s word play, comics of all genres and heroic Propaganda Art.  My NeuArt began in 2009 when I combined drawing, colored ink and word play on lined paper in saturated colors.  I continue with Metamorphosis in acrylics on canvas.”
"You Take Such Liberties" by Raymond P. Neubert

“You Take Such Liberties” by Raymond P. Neubert


For more information about Raymond’s artwork, including photography, poetry, assemblage and paintings, please call  561-313-6080 or email   or visit



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