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Creating a New Career with Helen Brower

The Rickie Report has written articles about people of all ages and stages of life who decided to listen to their inner creative voices and try a new medium to express themselves.  Helen Brower has traveled the world and anyone who has read various travel columns or books has probably read her words!  Until now, Helen’s “voice” has been writing for others. We are pleased to share details about Helen’s first publication of her own in this article.


Meeting Helen Brower



Helen Brower

Helen Brower


 TRR: Tell us about your background



I’m a native New Yorker and have had a long and successful career as a freelance writer for travel and lifestyle publications (magazines, newspapers, guidebooks, etc.).  As you’ve probably guessed, as a travel writer, I did a lot of globe-trotting, sometimes spending only enough time at home to unpack, do a load of laundry, then take off on the next trip. I lived in Amsterdam and Rome and, before moving to Delray Beach, where I now live, I spent three happy years in Key West.


TRR:  All of your work has been non-fiction. How did you decide to share your own “voice” with this novel?




Although I earned my living as a non-fiction writer, I had always harbored a secret desire to write fiction, especially mystery novels (as you’ve probably guessed, I’ve always been an avid reader of mystery-suspense novels). However, roadblocks such as having to find an agent, having to wait months while my book was being “shopped around,” and very likely having to make changes I didn’t really approve of, kept me from making any serious attempts at fiction writing. Until, that is, the emergence of e-books which allowed writers and would-be writers the ability to self-publish without the “help” of third parties. 


TRR: So, the emergence of e-books made a difference for you?



At about the time e-books were coming into their own,  I happened to read an article in the New York Times that described Delray Beach, where I was now living, as the “recovery capital of America” (or words to that effect). I mentioned this to my sister, who knew of my love of mystery fiction, and said, half-jokingly, “why don’t I write a  mystery set in Delray Beach and call it ‘Rehab Is Murder.'” We had a good laugh about that but before you know it, I started writing.  


TRR:  Understanding your need to be accurate, how did you research the material?



In order to be as authentic as possible, I spoke with friends who have been in recovery and I also researched  the programs and facilities of some actual recovery centers. And because I’ve always liked movies and books that feature an interesting mix of personalities, in addition to the sophisticated main characters, I created a likable young couple, an amusing senior citizen pair, and several residents of the recovery center.

TRR: Can you share an overview of the book with us?


For starters, here’s the book description that appears on my Amazon book page:

The Broadway gossip hounds are poised to expose Madeline Vaughan’s little secret–her not-so-little drinking problem.  But before they can do their worst, the glamorous stage legend escapes to South Florida’s most luxurious recovery center in the hopes that its team of experts will do what they’ve done for dozens of her fellow celebrities–cure her of her addiction and do it safely away from the prying eyes of the New York tattletales’ local spies.
The treatment seems to be working and the posh facilities and glorious  surroundings only enhance her growing sense of well-being.  But Madeline soon  discovers that beneath the sparkling Florida sunshine lie some dark secrets.  The beautiful psychiatrist who runs the center divides her affections between her movie star husband and her seductive operations manager who’s taken it upon himself to entertain the female guests.  But not everybody is amused by the sexy shenanigans. Before long, violent passions explode and someone ends up dead.


Rehab is Murder (2)


TRR:  Even a book without illustrations or pictures needs a cover.  How did you go about finding the art work?


My experiences as a travel writer sent me all over the world. During a stay in Hawaii and the Asian pacific, I became good friends of a fine artist, Craig Carl and his family.  Craig’s background is graphic and commercial art.  When he heard about my novel, he offered to help with the cover.  In fact, this image was the first he drew and we both agreed he captured just the right depiction of my novel!



There are so many people who have the words but don’t quite know where to start in pursuing their dream of writing a novel that others will read.  Helen Brower is great example of someone who made that dream happen!


For more information about Helen’s  e-book, “Rehab Is Murder”, it is available on Amazon’s Kindle Store site and is priced at $3.99.  To contact Helen to speak to your group, please call  561-638-1268 or email


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