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Louise Noakes Offers “Tribute to The Queens”

It all started in 1950’s in Louise Noakes’ family living room where her father and uncle would dress up in their wives’ clothing to entertain the family. Fast forward to 2011, Louise attends a drag brunch at Perrys in D.C. where she discovers inspiration for a new photo-altering series.  She’s been photographing drag queens to capture the colorful experiences close to her childhood memories ever since. Not wanting to leave them as straight forward photographs, she experiments with each image. She describes the process as many hours of reducing the photograph into solid colors, layer-by-layer, and sometimes leaving only a fragment of the original image. The Rickie Report invites you to see her work on Friday March 21st.   “This is not going to be a boring wine and cheese opening at all,” Louise says. The event will feature meeting the queens, a game of matching the queen in and out of drag and lots of the bubbly and chocolate kisses.  Details are here.




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Born in Toronto, Canada Louise Noakes started taking photographs at the age of 19. She graduated from The Center for Creative Studies College of Art and Design in Detroit, Michigan with a major in photography and a minor in fiber arts. Working in many facets of photography has made for an interesting career for her. Starting while still in college, she worked in Medical photography in an urban Detroit hospital. In 1982 she moved to Washington DC to work as a photo journalist for States News Service.
"Bird on Head" by Louise Noakes

“Bird on Head” by Louise Noakes

Returning to fine art photography in 2002, she started shooting in digital and soon began experimenting, printing on different substrates and mixed media. She has won many awards for her experimental work and for 8 years her work was exhibited at Multiple Exposures, a photography gallery in the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, Virginia. In July of last year she left a position as Education Director at an Art Center in Northern Virginia to purchase one of the Artists Lofts in Lake Worth.
"Diva 4" by Louise Noakes

“Diva 4” by Louise Noakes

Louise was always interested in art, and as a child would take the extra paints from her paint-by-numbers sets and paint on cardboard. My dad was
a physicist and worked with some Japanese colleagues, who would bring the latest cameras into the states.  She says, “That’s how I got my first real camera. It turned out to be the best gift I ever received. It was a gift of looking at the world with more inquisitive and passionate insight. It changed my life. I started working in the darkroom immediately. Experimenting with
the image by solarizing, making photo silkscreens and printing on
substrates such as mirrors.”
"A Night In" by Louise Noakes

“A Night In” by Louise Noakes

Louise tells The Rickie Report , “Like a rebirth, after resisting digital photography, I finally bought a digital camera and computer. In the last few years, I have been working in digital photography and mixed media. Again I experiment  in every way I can think of and on every material, taking prints out of  the computer and combining them with traditional mediums and any new products, when they become available. Every subject matter moves me,
whether it be  a landscape, still life or portrait. I make art by documenting
my travels and everyday life. One of my greatest pleasures when sharing
my work, is making someone look a little closer, smile or relate to
something about their life and shares it back with me.”
"Lovely" by Louise Noakes

“Lovely” by Louise Noakes

This project has taken Louise to places such as D.C.’s Town Dance Boutique and Perrys Restaurant, Lips in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Olivia Jones in Hamburg, Germany, Lucky Cheng’s in NYC, and the divas in Lake Worth. This ongoing series is a tribute to all of the ladies who, time-after-time, give it their all.


"Sultry Queen" by Louise Noakes

“Sultry Queen” by Louise Noakes

On Friday March 21 from 8 p.m.-12 a.m., “This is not going to be a boring wine and cheese opening at all,” Louise says. The event will feature meeting the queens, a game of matching the queen in and out of drag and lots of the bubbly and chocolate kisses.

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