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Eva Newermann Presents “The Magic is Inside You”; Shares New ePublication with Illustrations

The public is invited to the Women in the Visual Arts (WITVA) meeting to hear Eva Newermann, international traveler, author and painter.  Born in Norway, Eva, will share her experiences and insights as she traveled the globe.  Eva believes we all have some special qualities, or “magic” inside us – we just have to explore or get that little push, to find it. In addition to her “Speed Painting” techniques presentation, Eva will also share a few chapters of her newest eBook “Fear is in the Air”, which she wrote and illustrated.  The Rickie Report urges you to meet Eva.  Her enthusiasm is catchy! In addition, Eva will be at the Pen Women Extravaganza in March.  All the details are in this article.






Women in The Visual Arts

invites you to spend an afternoon with

Eva Newermann

“Speed Painting” Techniques


Finding the “Magic” inside all of Us

Friday,  February 21st    Noon – 3 pm

Sugar Sand Park

300 South Military Trail, Boca Raton

This Event is Free and Open to The Public





“Prekestolen” “Pulpit Rock” a Popular Tourist Site in Norway (Photo by Leo-seta)


 TRR: You’ve traveled the world.  How did you become a writer?



I was born in Stavanger, Norway.  Because of all the stories my Dad told me about the universe, stars and planets, I was always fascinated with flying. When I got older I became a flight attendant!  I also joined an astronomy club in Norway. After years of listening to the professors and astrophysicists I one day told them, “You know what?” It is very difficult to understand all these things going on in the universe. I think I will write a children’s book about our planets. Something everybody will understand.”
Acrylic Painting by Eva N

“Winter Scene” by Eva Newermann

Inspired by my career as a flight attendant for Trans World Airlines (TWA), I created the alter ego Ewa.  I am still traveling the world, meeting interesting and famous individuals, some of whom come to life as characters in FEAR IS IN THE AIR.  Many of the incidents in the book are based on real-life experiences and result in a cliffhanger ending.


"Images" by Eva

“Images” by Eva

Two years later ,in 2009, my first book “Universet som et maleri” ( was published.  When I read a book, I like to learn something, escape to another world, have some action and a lot of humor helps, too.  In the 60’s and 70’s I was living in Hollywood, CA, working as a model and a flight attendant.  I met a lot of movie stars and other interesting people through my travels.
Eva, as a model, in the 1960's

Eva, as a modeling Hollywood (1960’s)

My sister, Lillian and I really enjoyed the TV serial “Dexter”. I thought it would  be fun to write a ” mock biography” about a female flight attendant serial killer. I could tell all these crazy stories, that actually happened, when I was flying!  That’s how ” FEAR IS IN THE AIR” was born.
Eva and her Cosmos

Eva and her Cosmos

I completed the first in a trilogy of sci-fi thrillers, “Fear is In The Air” (  The main character, Ewa Lowe, is a blithe, spirited, female serial killer – with alien DNA.   FEAR IS IN THE AIR will captivate the reader as Ewa travels the world: Egypt, Norway, England and the USA.  This novel combines humor and action. Ewa falls in love with astrophysicist Adam Skai, who has an intriguing and mysterious (and alien) past.  He will change her life forever.
Painting by Eva Newermann

Painting by Eva Newermann

I have a lot of my own paintings and pictures in the book. Because of that and all the research, it took me three years to finish. I would say that 90% of all the stories in “FEAR IS IN THE AIR” are true. So, if it hadn’t been for all the darn murders- it could have been a real biography !
"Speed Painting" with Eva

“Speed Painting” with Eva





TRR:  Tell us more about “The Magic Is Inside You” and “Speed Painting”


I spend all my winters in Delray Beach, FL. The Women in The Visual Arts in Boca Raton has invited me to do a presentation I call : ” The Magic is Inside You !” I will give a lecture on my new e- book and then, I’ll paint ( acrylic) for half an hour. “Speed Painting” is showing different painting techniques. If you go to my website: you can see a short film of me painting.
Among my hobbies are art, astronomy, bridge and dancing, but lately I have concentrated on writing.  I have published, in Norway, a book for young readers about the universe, illustrated with my own illuminative paintings of the cosmos.  This has led to book signings, lectures, and opportunities to educate students about the universe. I’m also currently writing a sequel to FEAR IS IN THE AIR.
Book Cover by Eva

Book Cover by Eva


Fear Is In The Air


Ewa Lowe, a strikingly beautiful flight attendant, is a sociopath, a serial killer.  She is charming, witty and deadly.  A world traveler who kills the night before leaving the country, she is so organized, so tidy, that she leaves no clue. Oh, she always has a good reason to kill.  At the age of ten, Ewa was raped and her parents murdered.  This triggered her hatred for brown-eyed men.  At 23, she killed her rapist. After that, her victims, in addition to offending her for one reason or another, have brown eyes.











 Art-Ex invitation


Or contact Eva at: Home 561-4960431 Cell 561-7153786



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