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Words Become a Painting with “Alice In Wonderland” Exhibit at A Unique Gallery in Jupiter

Illustrator, Pam Panella shows us that the characters of “Alice in Wonderland” are not just for children! Pam’s SOLO exhibition at A Unique Art Gallery in Jupiter is sure to please.  A portion of proceeds from sales of Pam’s artwork and the Artists of AAOJ will benefit the Hobe Sound Animal Protection League. The Rickie Report looks forward to seeing you at the public reception and shares the details here.




Artists Association of Jupiter


SOLO Exhibit

Pam Panella

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

5:30 – 7:30 pm

A Unique Art Gallery

226 Center St #8, Jupiter, FL

Open to the Public



The Artists Association of Jupiter (AAOJ) proudly presents    “Alice in Wonderland” a solo exhibit of Illustrations by Artist Pam Panella. The event will be held on Wednesday February 12, from 5:30-7:30 at A Unique Art Gallery, 226 Center St #8 in Jupiter.  A portion of proceeds from sales of artworks created by Pam and the Artists of AAOJ will benefit the Hobe Sound Animal Protection League.





"Alice  and Caterpillar"

“Alice and Caterpillar”


Pam tells The Rickie Report, “My exhibit ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a series of illustrations that tell the story. Illustration is a form of art that depicts the written word.  I like to put my research and visions down on paper to make words become a painting.  I chose to illustrate Lewis Carroll’s story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ because the story is so interesting and complex.  It is filled with riddles, math problems, impossible situations, and wonderful characters. My research involved exploring what these characters might look like.  Then I developed them, melding those ideas with my own personal view of people and animals”.



Illustration by Pam Panella

Illustration by Pam Panella



“Illustration is a form of art that depicts the written word. The depiction is visualization by the artist and can be done in any form such as drawing, painting, photography, etching or woodblock printing.  Illustrations are artistic images created by the artist that are extracted from the text of poems, stories, fashion, magazines, stamps, technical & medical items. This makes it different than doing a painting that is a visual to the artist. The illustrator must conceive and research the idea of what is trying to be conveyed to the reader.  Original illustrations end up being printed so many people have access to the art work representing the written word.  The illustrations done in medieval time were woodblock prints.  Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press allowed him to add illustrations in the form of woodprints to his books. 1880 became the “Golden Age of Illustration” with the development of mass market papers, magazines and books. It continues the same way today but, with the help of the computer research is made easier”, Pam explains.



"Hare & Mouse"

“Hare & Mouse”



Pam clarifies, “John Tenniel was Lewis Carroll’s illustrator and his medium was pen & ink. He would create many versions of his drawings until he liked his final composition and then would send it to be printed.  My medium of choice is watercolor because of the transparent quality, fluid movement and its acceptance of different techniques. After the drawings are complete, then it is time to add the color to finalize the process.  I hope that everyone will enjoy my version of ‘Alice in Wonderland'”.


Pam Panella

Pam Panella




“When doing a regular painting I choose to paint a variety of different subjects from places to which we have traveled or subjects close to home. When I spot something that strikes my fancy, it will end up on paper. I use watercolors most of the time because they are spontaneous, transparent and can be used in many different techniques. Careful attention is given to the compositions and an intricate process of drawing precedes the use of color.  Most of my exhibits have been in galleries, corporate offices and outdoor shows in the Northeast and Florida. Summers are spent in my North Eastham Studio and Winters are spent in Florida,” says Pam.   The Rickie Report knows we are lucky to have Pam here, to share her wonderful paintings!


To see more of Pam’s work go


The Hobe Sound Animal Protection League is dedicated to creating a better world for cats through adoption; spay/neuter services public education.  Established in 2000, Hobe Sound Animal Protection League (HSAPL) is a no-kill feline rescue and adoption organization located in Palm City, Florida. HSAPL operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating a better world for cats through adoption, spay/neuter services and public education. HSAPL’s “home base” is The Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary in Palm City, Florida. Here, over 150 cats live free from cages in an open, yet protected, natural environment. The colorful cottages and cat shelters throughout the sanctuary were built by volunteers and custom-designed for kitty comforts. There are plenty of places to climb and explore, and soft spots to nap in the Florida sunshine. Every cat under the care of HSAPL is vaccinated and spayed or neutered, making many of them available for adoption. HSAPL has facilitated an average of 200 cat adoptions each year, creating a happier world, not only for the cats, but also for those who adopt them.  For more information visit  or call Pauline Golver, Executive Director at 772-463-7386




The Artists Association of Jupiter is a collaboration of artists who work together to promote the awareness of art and education to the community and surrounding counties. Its venue, A Unique Art Gallery, opened its doors in June of 2010.  Learn more about the organization, its artists and programs on the Association’s website,    For more information on this event call or email the Gallery at 561-529-2748 or




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