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Jabo Gallery Features Abstracts by Mark Lesser

Jabo Gallery of Northwood is featuring new abstract art pieces by Mark Lesser.  The colors are deep and take the viewer in. Much of Mark’s work, which is influenced by Helen Frankenthaler and Mark Rothko, is found in private and corporate collections.  The Rickie Report urges you to stop by and see his work! More details are in this article.

Jabo Gallery


New Works of Mark Lesser

Javier Bohorquez of Jabo Gallery invites to public to a new exhibition of work by Mark Lesser.   A reception will be held on Saturday, December 14th from 6 to 9 pm.  Jabo Gallery provides a hub for artists to exhibit their work and connect with other artists and collectors worldwide. Jabo Gallery is located at 437 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, FL.   For more information please call 561-313-2404.
"Untitled Seventeen"

“Untitled Seventeen”

Born a traveler, Mark Lesser has lived far and few between the east and west coasts spending time in NY, LA, and Dallas before recently settling in south Florida with his fiancé. Growing up in Chicago, Lesser acknowledged the artistic gift his grandfather passed along to him. His grandfather, a Russian immigrant, was a tailor, and artist who painted beautiful ornate images.
Mark Lesser

Mark Lesser

Inspired by this work, Mark focused on challenging his images through tension of abstract color fields and spontaneous expression seeking to maintain a connection with realistic references infused with an emotional process.
"Untitled One"

“Untitled One”

Mark’s art journey began in NYC, working the night shift on the set of ABC’s “Good Morning America”, and exploring art galleries by day. New York City, a jumping off point for Mark, was where he discovered himself an artist and began painting for what would be his first solo art show years later. Later, Mark relocated to LA where he raised his daughter, Taylor. His work appeared at the Warehouse Gallery and Santa Monica Fine Arts Studio. Then in a 2001 exhibit at the newly opened Fiorucci store in New York, Mark showed paintings which inspired a line of women’s scarves.
"Untitled Twenty Four"

“Untitled Twenty Four”

In 2007 The Haley Henman Gallery  (Dallas, TX) opened their doors with Lesser’s first solo show, “Going Fast, being still”. Lesser found inspiration from a very fast paced experience of driving by his new surroundings at about 60 mph. The experiences are brief and intense capturing the motion of “going fast.” Using these images, Lesser combined these images with his spontaneity of color and composition, allowing the motion to exist in still yet another dimension of “being still,” in a meditative manner. His most recent paintings builds upon a body of work that infuses an emotional process of luminous fields of color. He builds the fields with transparent floods of color over color following the school of color field abstractionists, especially inspired by Helen Frankenthaler, and Mark Rothko.


"Untitled Photo 4"

“Untitled Photo 4”

For more information about Jabo Gallery please visit: .  For more information about Mark Lesser visit, or  Mark can be reached by email at: or  Connect with him in LinkedIn!



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