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John McCoy Offers Sculptural as Well as Functional Pottery

John McCoy Pottery and friends are holding their Annual Holiday Sale and Studio Show on Saturday December 7th and Sunday December 8th.  Beautiful sculptural and functional work in clay will be on sale just in time for the holidays. The work includes teapots, mugs, plates, bowls, vases, sake sets among other things. If you are looking for one of a kind, quality gifts in a variety of prices and for everyone in your holiday list, stop by John McCoy Pottery.  The Rickie Report knows you will be glad you did!



John McCoy Pottery



Annual Holiday Sale


Pottery Show 

Saturday December 7th  10 to 5
Sunday December 8th  10 to 5 

58th Court North   West Palm Beach, FL 33411




John tells The Rickie Report, ” This show continues to be an annual event where local artists get a chance to meet their neighbors.  It is important for artists to share their work with our community.”  



John is a nationally recognized artist, potter and educator with many years of experience.  His work can be found in private collections throughout the United States.  John’s focus is stoneware and wood fired functional pottery.


John McCoy became interested in pottery in high school. With his father’s help he built a potter’s wheel and set it up in the garage. That was the beginning of a journey that took him to graduate school and a lifetime interest in the handmade functional object.


John strives for the qualities of simplicity, honesty and a sense of fluidity. When making pots, be it a teapot, a bowl or  a porcelain vase, he depends on intuition and feeling rather than upon conceptual ideas and analysis.  He is inspired by natural and organic objects along with the varied and rich traditions of ceramics. His approach to clay is classical even as he produces very contemporary, elegant forms.

John shares, “During the last 15 years , I have had the opportunity to put my work in a wood fired Anagama kiln. I feel my forms have been enhanced and visually strengthened by the warm colors of the ash deposits and the textures and patterns created by the mark of the fire. This natural process allows the viewer to share my experience of working with clay, from the moment my hands shape and form the clay, leaving my mark, to the fluidity of the flames that leave their impression on the surface of the pot, forever.”



For directions or to see more of John’s work, please visit:  . For directions go to this link and click on “where to find me”  or call: 561-328-3984.


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