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You Are Invited: Art Show Benefits Center for Great Apes!

The Rickie Report urges you to attend this benefit, not only to meet some of the famous Highwaymen artists, but to see what this amazing organization is doing!  The Center for Great Apes has rescued many large primates who were used in entertainment and movies such ‘Any Which Way But Loose’,’ Ace Ventura’, and ‘Seinfeld’. Many of these apes were deserted by biomedical labs and roadside zoos or sold to exotic pet dealers when the entertainment industry could no longer use them. One of the residents is Michael Jackson’s former chimp, Bubbles.  The Center is a permanent sanctuary.

The Center for Great Apes


Invites You To


An Evening of Celebration


Saturday, October 26, 2013


7 – 9 pm


Bear Lakes Country Club


1901 Village Boulevard


W. Palm Beach, FL

Center for Great Apes Event West Palm Beach

The Center provides these primates with the ability to live out the rest of their lives in peace and with dignity. With over a mile of an aerial chute travel system connecting all the outdoor play areas, the apes have the unique opportunity to explore the woods and sanctuary grounds safely as they visit other groups and different habitats.


 In the wild, infant orangutans and chimpanzees nurse on their mothers for five or six years and stay with their mothers for up to eight or nine years. During this time, they learn the skills needed to socialize and interact with their own species.


When great apes are worked in entertainment or sold as pets, infants are pulled away soon after birth and raised to be more human-like. They’re used as babies, but by the time they are six or seven (and still juveniles), young apes are incredibly strong with great intelligence and cannot be handled safely by trainers or pet owners.


With this working “shelf-life” of only 6-7 years and a life expectancy of over 50 years, these former stars and pets are often sent to small, unaccredited roadside zoos, biomedical labs, or breeder compounds since accredited zoos rarely can accept them. Some ex-actors and former pet chimps lead very lonely lives, never adapting to other chimpanzees because they lack the social skills they would have learned as infants from their own mothers.



But with the Center for Great Apes’ mission of providing care and rehabilitation to great apes who need a permanent home or who have special psychological or physical challenges, the chimpanzees and orangutans at the sanctuary have found care with dignity and finally companionship with their own species.



Several of the former pets at the sanctuary were rescued from tiny cages in garages and basements where they had not seen sunlight for 10 to 20 years. Clyde, a 47-year-old chimpanzee was captured in Africa as an infant and sold as a pet. He was kept for more than 40 years alone in a small garage cage, never seeing another chimpanzee. Rescued by the Center just two years ago, Clyde was skeletal, atrophied, could barely walk, and had bedsores covering his body. But today, this elder chimpanzee is strolling through the chutes in the sunshine and learning how to interact and socialize with other chimpanzees.

The audience will have the opportunity to meet Founder, Patti Ragan, as well as Florida Highwaymen artist Jimmy Stovall. It will feature artwork by Nathaniel Gold, Garry Kravit, Isabel Du Toit and others.  Artwork will be for sale to benefit The Center for Great Apes.  For more information about this event, please contact Wally Baldwin at 561-667-1099 or

Bubbles, the Chimpanzee

Membership Levels & Benefits:

The sanctuary is not open to the public as an attraction or zoo. However current yearly members and supporters of the Center are invited to attend our annual Member Day in the spring.  Joining at the $50 membership  or above entitles you to a year-long membership to the Center for Great Apes, including a subscription to our e-News and PrimeApes Newsletter, and invitation(s) to our two member events per year.


Family Membership (with a private tour for 4)……………$250

Family Membership (for 4)…………………………………………$150
Couple Membership………………………………………………….$75
Individual Membership………………………………………………$50
Student (High School & College)…………………………………..$25


Bam Bam

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