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Vicki Siegel and Bonnie Shapiro: Two Woman Show Not to Miss!

Artists Vicki Siegel and Bonnie Shapiro present “Time and Place” a two person exhibition of paintings and artworks at the Highland Beach Library Gallery. The exhibit runs from September 27th through November 21st, 2013. The opening reception will be Friday, September 27 4:30-6:30pm, with refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library.  More details are in this article.  The Rickie Report urges you to stop by, meet the artists and see their wonderful creativity!



Highland Beach Library Gallery


“Time and Place”

Showcasing the Artistry of

Vicki Siegel and Bonnie Shapiro

 Public Reception

Friday, September 27th

4:30 – 6:30

3618 South Ocean Boulevard

Highland Beach, FL


Exhibit  runs from

September 27th through November 21st, 2013


The opening reception will be Friday, September 27 4:30-6:30pm, with refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library.  The opening and exhibit is free and open to the public. The Highland Beach Library is located at 3618 South Ocean Blvd., Highland Beach, FL . For more information call 561 278-5455.

The Highland Beach Library Gallery Hours: Monday-Wednesday, Noon-6pm, Thursdays, Noon-4pm, Friday-Saturday, 10 am-1pm.


Diverse in style, technique and media, artists Vicki Siegel and Bonnie Shapiro share a common theme, “Time and Place”, that unites the varied works in the show. This is the thread of history that reaches back into our past, configures the present and projects itself into the future. Time and place binds us together as a community, as our memories and concern for future generations shape our current thoughts and actions.

Vicki Siegel


Born in New York City and raised in both New York and Chicago, Vicki Siegel has been involved in the arts since  she was a teen, taking classes at the Art Institute of Chicago.  She pursued her art education earning a BFA at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign and continued with MFA coursework at Tyler School of Art, Rome


Vicki Siegle, "Reach For The Sky"

Vicki Siegel, “Reach For The Sky”

Comparison between images has been an ongoing theme in Siegel’s work since the late 70’s when she focused mainly on photography. Influenced by the critical/cynical eye of photographers like Maryellen Marks and Diane Arbus, she began printing photographic images side by side. This interest in multiple images continued in her work done in the eighties as she produced large scale multi-image pieces in Milan, Italy that combined hundreds of 35mm slides, music and large scale projection.


Vicki Siegel "Bridge to The Past"

Vicki Siegel “Bridge to The Past”

While pursuing a career in advertising in South Florida working in both print and video, Siegel developed a passion for painting. She has been influenced by the colors and light of the tropical landscape, the energetic paint stroke of abstract expressionism and the use of multiple images in pop art.  Vicki frequently exhibits in South Florida and her work is included in numerous private collections. She is currently a working artist and art instructor living in Delray Beach, Florida.


Vicki tells The Rickie Report,  “Each work is a narrative that explores issues of identity, power, sexual discovery and the environment. ”  Her work is informed by memories, both personal and collective. These memories are imperfect representations of the past that are altered, fragmented, reconstructed and reinterpreted over time. In the narrations, details are found in layers often revealing something forgotten or missing from actual experiences.  Floating figures conjure ambiguous realities, situations and emotions.


Vicki Siegel "To Have and To Hold"

Vicki Siegel “To Have and To Hold”

She goes on to say, “Each painting unites a particular memory with a world that is part fantasy and part reality. To achieve this, painting, drawing and image transfers of my photographs can be found in each work on canvas. Expressive use of acrylic paint with overlays of pencil, charcoal, and oil stick demonstrate my roots in abstract expressionism. The works have a dreamlike atmosphere created by a surreal sense of space and a color palette of opposing colors.”



You may view her work online at or contact her at or call   561.496.5224


Bonnie Shapiro


As a child, south Florida’s tropical beauty strongly influenced Bonnie Shapiro, cultivating itself in her palette and subject matter as an adult.  The Everglades and charming Florida towns that she visited in those young and impressionable years are often predominate in her paintings.  Working primarily in oil, Bonnie portrays the simple beauty of the every-day scenes that we so often take for granted.


Bonnie Shapiro "Looking Through a Haze of Memories"

Bonnie Shapiro “Looking Through a Haze of Memories”

Beginning the study of art at an early age and continuing throughout her life as she traveled from Boston to New York, Bonnie would eventually return to her beloved south Florida.  She continues to study with well-known artists such as Al Razza and Larry Gerber.  In addition to her study of Fine Art, Bonnie obtained degrees in psychology, anthropology and counseling from the University of Florida.


Bonnie Shapiro, "Last Lights"

Bonnie Shapiro, “Last Lights”



Bonnie tells The Rickie Report, ” My work is a painted journal of people and places encountered as a child growing up in Florida. These early impressions are superimposed on the current landscape.  My paintings are built up slowly through layers and glazes, much like the memories that echo through our lives.”    Bonnie Shapiro frequently exhibits in South Florida and her work is included in numerous collections in the United States.  She currently resides in Coral Springs, FL.



 You can see more of the Bonnie’s works by visiting  or   or call  954.753.9509.



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