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Linda Golden Brings Age-Old Felting Techniques to Contemporary Styles!

Look at the fashions and you know that felted accessories have been making a HUGE comeback!   This age-old technique is easy to learn (we’ve done it and love the outcome ) and the results are always inspired! For those who may find knitting too strenuous (seriously – you have to keep count of those stitches and rows), this is a terrific creative opportunity! This article details a new class at the Armory Art Center with Linda Golden.  The Rickie Report invites you to come and FELT!  No experience necessary!



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Introduction To Nuno Felting

Level: All

Instructor:  Linda Golden        RA15.5A

Friday and Saturday October 18/19, 2013

10:00am – 4:00pm

Tuition:    One Day = $100,    Two Day = $200

Lab Fee: $55

 armory art center

1700 parker avenue w.p.b., fl 33401

 (561) 832-1776


The process of felting dates back to the Iron Age, and has been practiced by cultures all over the world. The United States is a relatively new country with no feltmaking tradition. In the 1980’s felting became popular as a renewed interest in the use of natural fibers took hold. Learn a brand new skill!  You will work with silk and merino wool roving and batt to create a beautiful scarf or neck wrap. All materials are provided, and instructor will have additional materials for sale. No experience is necessary. You will leave with a completed piece of wearable art.




Silk and Wool infinity wrap

Silk and Wool Infinity Wrap
The neck wrap in the picture above is a prototype for we will be doing in this workshop.  It is all Nuno Felting and a size that can be worked on and completed in two days.
There is an approximate 30% shrinkage factor so we start with much longer pieces of silk than we end up with. If someone does not want to join the two ends to make an infinity wrap, they can make a long scarf.  A short scarf is not such an ambitious first project, but one that always looks great so everyone is happy!

This is a medium that needs no artistic ability to do and that helps a lot of people who other wise would not sign up for this kind of workshop.

Cotton and Wool "BoHo" Scarves

Cotton and Wool “BoHo” Scarves


Each felted scarf is different depending on the wools you choose.  Mixing fabrics is not only in style, but a fun way to show your individuality!


Polly Blakney Stirling is a professional textile designer known for her contemporary approach to creating hand made felt.  Since 1990, she has been entranced with the transformations of the rich textile we know as “felt”.   According to her website, in 1994 Polly and her assistant, Sachiko Kotaka, developed the technique they termed “Nuno Felt.” She explains,” By manipulating a minimum amount of wool fiber through a fine base weave we could make a felted fabric with characteristics quite different from traditional felt.  Nuno felt is lightweight with drape and flexibility.  Courtesy of


 Linda Golden has extensive experience in creating art  to wear in a wide variety of mediums.  Her class will put you on the path to a new adventure!

Cashmere and Merino Large Infinity Wrap

Cashmere and Merino Large Infinity Wrap

A shawl, a collar, a scarf… So many possiblities!


Merino Wool and Silk Throw

Merino Wool and Silk Scarf/Throw

Please visit to see more of Linda’s amazing creativity (jewelry and felting). Or contact her by email at  or call  248.705.5390




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