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What Adjective Best Describes This Gem in the Cultural Crown of Palm Beach County?

The Rickie Report is pleased to share a gem in the cultural crown of Palm Beach County, FL.  Even if you already know about the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach, we guarantee there is much more there to explore.  For those who have not stepped into this new-world class library, we urge you to read this and forthcoming articles.  This is NOT your grandparents’ or even your parents’ library!  What adjective best describes this gem?  We believe you’ll need more than one.  Read more here.






“Reading Together” by Judith Peck. Gift to the City of West Palm Beach from Anne Sobel, Originally Commissioned for The Teaneck, NJ Centennial


411 Clematis Street   West Palm Beach, Fl

Almost 2,000 people come to the library each day


Folks using Library-1


The Numbers: 

  •  97,555 card holders


  • 12,643 are children with their own cards but obviously many parents check out books for their children


  • 200 preschools/day cares/public schools have library cards so they can check out books for their children in their care.


  • 25% of card holders are not West Palm Beach City residents



The staff of The Rickie Report has taken a few behind-the-scenes tours of this facility and is amazed each time as we observe the patrons, staff and volunteers of this remarkable institution.   This is the first of many articles where we will explore and share the opportunities here.  Your first step?  Stop by and open an account – it is FREE!


(What’s In It For Me)


  • 157,796 books –checked out on a given day: 12,984


  • 976 ebooks: checked out on a given day: 435


  • 106,792 music CDs: checked out on a given day: 819


  • 38,531 DVDs and BLU-RAYS: checked out on a given day: 8,138


  • The Library’s collection also contains 4,506 foreign language materials (3,076 Spanish language books are included in that number)


  • 219 foreign films (various languages)


  • The Library Collection is comprised of 2,528 large print books





 140 computers


A recent survey showed that 63% come to this library to use computers.


50% of Palm Beach County Residents do not have access to the internet from their home.


Free WIFI is available throughout the building with ability to print from their laptop.


Park, 1900

Park, 1900

In 1895, The Reading Room was the City’s first library on Banyan Street.  In 1912, the Free Reading Room was brought via barge from the Palm Beach Yacht Club to West Palm Beach and established as the first library.



1923 Spanish Style Memorial Library

1923 Spanish Style Memorial Library

Building an artistic Spanish-style Memorial Library near the Women’s Club contained Reading Rooms, Reference Rooms and a Museum.  In 1924 the Memorial Library was dedicated to the men and women who served in WWI.


1924 Memorial Library

1924 Memorial Library

Architect Norman Robson designed a New City Library in 1962, which opened with much flourish and some controversy over its modern exterior.  As the needs of the people increased, the interiors of the Library were refurbished.


In 2009, the Library  moved to its current location at City Center.  In 2012, the Mandel Foundation awarded a $5 million grant to transform the West Palm Beach Public Library into a world-class institution and encourage support for public libraries.

What Do The People Have in Common-1
“This is a state-of-the-art library”, says James Sugarman, of the WPBL Foundation.  It is truly a community service center. And an inclusive place for people of all ages to relax, learn, increase a skill-set or even learn to master the Tango!


The scope and breadth of what this Library has to offer is complex.  It is free and open to everyone and is maintained by the City of West Palm Beach.  The Rickie Report sees opportunities not only on every floor of this building, but some too numerous to mention in specific departments alone.

Front Window-1


Visit the website and you will be amazed at the offerings.  Imagine a buffet filled with the items you expect, but presented in an innovative manner.  Feast on the various items you’ve wanted to try but never took the time.  And dig into what the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach has to offer!


If you are interested in taking part in a behind-the scenes tour, please contact  Rebecca Weiss  Development Manager   or call 561-868-7704




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 For more information:

Foundation for the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach

411 Clematis Street  – 3rd Floor


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