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Meet Dr. Wiggls at Ortiz Smykla Gallery | Studio on Saturday!

The Rickie Report knows you will be entertained and amazed as Juan Plaza, Dr. Wiggls, talks about his art ( and maybe even his surfboards) at Ortiz Smykla Gallery | Studio for their monthly BYOC ( Bring Your Own Chair) lecture series.  Enjoy the refreshments and the free give-aways!



Saturday, July 13, 2013

You’re invited


(Bring Your Own Chair)

Lecture Series

5 pm – 7 pm

Ortiz-Smykla | Gallery-Studio

Meet Artist, Juan Plaza (Dr. Wiggls)

Walking Oxymoron

Juan explains, “Dr. Wiggls is a complex character. I found myself doodling during some intense meetings in my role as a geodetic engineer.  It almost felt like the drawing was being done by someone else and pushing to get out of me.  So, as I sat in ‘corporate America’ offices, working on a conference call with very complex analytical issues, this art appeared.  And when I finished the call, and had given my report and sat back and looked at what I had drawn, I was amazed!”



Dr. Wiggls is the artist messenger.  Everything begins on one of Dr. Wiggls’ back arm or limb.  To understand this art, you must first look at the Title.  This leads you to a philosophical proposition. Then you look at the words, the music, the graphics, the dots and the equation.  Juan’s job, as the artist, is to find a way to represent it so others understand it.

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It may take months for an image to come and when it does, it is very powerful.  Some are images more whimsical, but Juan always begins with the title first.  Then, he says, ” I come up with what I call “contrast dictions”.  This is fun for me, as I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian.  I can use all of these languages  together to make my point.  For example, by adding brackets within a title, it changes the meaning.  Language offers me so many different meanings!  I can combine impossible structures.”

Su Rounded

Juan is a big fan of graphic artist, M.C. Escher.  He explains, ” Seeing someone looking at my work and “getting it” gives me the most satisfaction.  That “aha” moment when the art looker understands the deeper meaning is so profound for me.   I have been drawing Dr. Wiggls for over 10 years now.  I call this art  “Intellectual pointillism”.”

Pui Accelerato


Juan’s work is truly expressive, combining words and graphics with a true sense of justice.  Dr. Wiggls is a genderless messenger, so everyone can relate.



Literati At Night

It is intellectual art, not cartoon art.  Dr. Wiggls can share Juan’s fascination of how things that are not supposed to be graphic can actually look.  Juan tells us, “Loving words,  I need to create something that would show the intensity of those words in a graphic sense.  I feel the same urgency  with equations. Dr. Wiggls jumps, dares, has faith that it is going to work.”

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