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Polymer Clay and Creative Arts Fests Brings You Some of The Best Teachers!

Most people look at polymer clay creations and ask if the design is painted.  The Rickie Report hopes you will be intrigued by the limitless possibilities of using polymer clay as your creative medium when you see what the Cabin Fever Clay Festival is offering in their Master Classes.  There is also a discount to register!  If you are looking for a local place to learn more about polymer clay, contact South East Florida Polymer Clay Guild (SEFPCG).  This group meets once a month in Delray Beach. Please call Liz Heller for more information: 561-637-0021

Polymer Clay and Creative Arts Fests



Master Class Camp 2013


A unique creative event offering 2-day intensive workshops from Master Instructors including: Maureen Carlson, Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Lindly Haunani, Robert Liu, Sandra McCaw, Ellen Marshall, and Carol Simmons

NOTE:  Discount is extended through June 15th!

Have you registered for the Master Class Camp (MCC) yet?  If you have been on the fence, the $40 discount per class offer has been extended until June 15th! But hurry, there is limited space available in each workshop and they are filling fast.


Master Class Camp ( MCC) is a unique creative event offering 2-day intensive workshops from Master Instructors including: Maureen Carlson, Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Lindly Haunani, Robert Liu, Sandra McCaw, Ellen Marshall, and Carol Simmons Join us on this inspirational journey. Some clay will be provided by Polyform Products. (Registration form at end of document)

Workshop Overviews:

Maureen Carlson: Story Boxes

Friday & Saturday, July 26-27, 2013
Skill Level = all levels, confident beginner to advanced

Some people record their stories in written form. Others use photo albums or scrapbooks. Still others hang their stories on the wall in the form of framed photos. In this class, we will do all of the above – but not in the traditional way. The finished piece in this class will be a Story Box. This box will be a vehicle for telling your story through symbols, images and words.  Each box will be unique. Time will be given in class to develop a theme and personal symbols. The boxes will then be embellished with  polymer clay, Apoxie Sculpt, paper, fiber, beads and paint. Space can be left in the boxes for you to continue the theme when you return to your own work space.



The finished boxes can be hung on the wall or developed as a standing piece. Polymer clay skills learned will be sculpting, texturing and layering techniques. There will be an emphasis on creating pieces that represent a symbol or a story. Students will also learn how to work and sculpt with Apoxie Sculpt.  Come explore with Maureen as you take a journey into the world of Story. Kit fee applies.


Jeffrey Lloyd Dever: Polymer and Wire – Take Two!

Sunday & Monday, July 28-29, 2013
Skill Level = all levels, confident beginner to advanced



This two-day workshop employs another take on Jeff’s wire- working and polymer clay form building techniques to create innovative small-scale sculptural forms in jewelry. Students will first fabricate wire frame armatures and complete basket forms with a tinkered wire-wrapping technique. Next, Jeff will explore original polymer forms using clay layering and multi-cycle curing to complete pieces. Finally, you’ll explore finishing techniques with an emphasis on an array of surface ornamentation options. This is a technique driven, not a project-based workshop, focused on hands-on applications. Some may complete a project, others may focus more on perfecting the technique. Students should have a basic working knowledge of polymer clay. Kit fee applies.



Lindly Haunani: Inspired Color: Collaging for Clarity

Sunday & Monday, July 28-29, 2013 Skill Level = all levels, confident beginner to advanced


Join Lindly for a colorful, fast paced, fun and gentle two-day workshop designed to increase your confidence while mixing and combining colors in you work.  We will begin with exploring your color likes and dislikes while making an intuitive color inspiration collage from magazine clippings. During the afternoon session, as a group, we will do a color analysis of all of the collages created in the morning session while de-mystifying some of the vocabulary of color design. Learn which custom pigment primaries using polymer clay most directly reflect the colors in your inspirational collage.  You will then be guided through step-by-step to make five color blend sheets featuring: rich verdant darks, bright spectral colors, complimentary neutrals, enticing spice/accent notes and tints for the ever-important opportunity of value contrast.



The second day will include exercises to explore color harmonies and how proportion and simultaneity can magically change the look of your color schemes as you construct a series of colorful, wearable quilt block samples reflective of the colors in your collage. Learn how you can utilize the three properties of color: hue, value and saturation, to your advantage to add cohesion and impact to your work. Learn why the “rules” as they are outlined in many color reference books, rarely provide satisfactory results. Note: This workshop is designed to help you develop your own personalized color palette and is based by Lindly’s twenty three years of experience teaching about color using polymer. The emphasis is on you “seeing” color in new ways and being able to mix colors that make your “heart sing” rather than learning new polymer clay techniques.  Kit fee applies.



Robert Liu: Expressing with Bamboo-A Sustainable Jewelry Making Material


Thursday & Friday, July 25-26, 2013
Skill Level = all levels –metalsmith experience helpful


Students will learn to use black bamboo as a sustainable, strong, and light material for jewelry making. Robert will present a Powerpoint at the beginning of the class to provide examples of techniques used in his own and other’s bamboo jewelry. Students will learn how to heatbend bamboo for use in earrings, necklaces, and possibly rings and are welcome to incorporate their own materials like polymer, beads, artifacts, fabricated pieces, or their own jewelry with the bamboo. In addition to the beauty, relative permanence, and sustainability of using a fast-growing material, making jewelry from bamboo draws on so many skills and interests. Woodworking, metalworking, beads, jewelry components or artifacts can all be applied, as long as one had a modicum of manual skills, imagination and tools!


DAY ONE will begin with a Powerpoint lecture on bamboo and bamboo jewelry. Then Robert will show the class various types of bamboo torques and earrings that he will bring. The formal class will begin with heatbending of bamboo, working with basic types:

  • Single culm, symmetrical, short and long torques.
  • Single culm, asymmetrical, short and long torques.
  • Intertwined torques, which are better done with a team oftwo or three.
  • Tight radius bends, including how to incorporate such bends into torques and how to use them as pendants and earrings.
  • Finally, demonstration on terminations and wire-wrapping.The class will then work on projects above at their own pace while receiving assistance from Robert with any problems. Students should complete one or two torques minimally before we move on.DAY TWO

Instructor will demonstrate some pendants/dangle fabrication with metal smithing, as well as earrings and then demonstrate bead wrapping on torques or other wrapping techniques. Next, Robert will demonstrate how to do 2-part torques. Students can work at their own pace and instructor will teach advanced techniques to faster students as well as continue helping others. By the end of the workshop, all students should have a number of finished pieces. They may well find new techniques/uses that I have not thought of or tried. Kit fee applies.




Sandra McCaw: Balancing Act

Friday & Saturday, July 26-27, 2013
Skill Level = all levels, confident beginner to advanced



The elements of balance, weight, rhythm and movement in jewelry design will be explored. Sandra will discuss basic design principles as she leads students through designing and creating a pair of leaf shaped earrings. Pendant or brooch may also be designed if time allows. The Ikat technique will be demonstrated to use in making the leaves, along with the the integration of wire and metal leaf with polymer clay. Finishing techniques and the “language” of the materials used will also be covered. Kit fee applies.


Ellen Marshall: Elements and Constructions

Friday & Saturday, July 26-27, 2013
Skill Level = all levels, confident beginner to advanced


Prepare to amaze yourself. In this 2-day class you will make and use armatures, templates and other tools and tricks to make components and elements. Next, you’ll look among your elements and explore a variety of ways to compose and construct partial or complete artistic pieces. The serendipity of this workshop is so much fun- you may end up creating jewelry or miniature sculptures.



Carol Simmons: Tessellated Kaleidoscope Cane Veneers: Bracelet and Pendant

Sunday & Monday, July 28-29, 2013
Skill Level = all levels, confident beginner to advanced



Learn Carol’s approach to color and caning in this fast paced two- day workshop. Take home a pendant, a bracelet or maybe both.  You will begin by mixing color blends from primary colors you have selected, using Skinner blend patterns Carol has developed specifically for this purpose. You will learn how to modify your blends to maximize the light/dark contrast and how to construct relatively simple canes that emphasize this contrast. Several cane types will be demonstrated. Next, you will combine your canes into a more complex, “master” cane. You will cut and reassembled a portion of the master cane to produce a new cane with a detailed repeating design. The rest will be set aside for a kaleidoscope pendant.


Using Carol’s special slicer, you will slice your cane into thin, even slices and use them to veneer a pendant core and a metal bracelet blank. She will share numerous tips on how to achieve the highest quality results including cane construction, veneer application, forming, sanding, buffing and drilling techniques. She will also show you how to store and transport the remaining slices so you can create more veneers at home. Kit fee applies.

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