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Steven Nussdorf: Looking, Observing and Wondering What Can be Realized For These Times

Steven Nussdorf ‘s artwork has a lot to say.  The Rickie Report originally saw his drawings at Art on Park, the Gallery of the Artists of Palm Beach County.  Each piece is thought provoking in a very quiet way. We urge you to take a moment to read this article about Steven and make it a point to see his artistry!

 Steven Nussdorf’s 

Art For These Times



Steven Nussdorf's Drawings at Art on Park

Steven Nussdorf’s Drawings at Art on Park

Winning a distinguished art contest in New York State, in his teens brought public awareness to Steven’s artwork.  Jack Levine, Raphael Soyer and the New York Council of the Arts became interested in his drawings.  Steven learned about his craft at the University of Michigan School of Design, Art Students League, National Academy of Design, Atelier Lack of Minneapolis, Pels Art School and the Brooklyn Museum.  His art is part of Brent Green’s collection as well as the Ford Foundation.


After moving to Florida, Steven rethought and imagined his work in a new context.  He eliminated the use of color.  His backgrounds became minimal and simplified.  He calls it “Art for these times”.   A author of poetry and prose, Steve often accompanies his drawings with his writings.  His booklet, “Breakthrough” encourages individuals to embrace their journey inward.



Steven’s drawing, “On the Edge of the Bed” won the Artavox Choice Award in 2009, in an event sponsored by the City of Boynton Beach.  Steven has been involved in Boynton’s Art in Public Spaces programs.


Steven tells us, ” My work is about the pressures and stress we encounter in life today.  It is for the everyman/woman. I try to magnify special moments of realization that occur when our defenses are down and all that’s left is honesty.  These private moments are brought to the light and exposed and somehow, there is hope and healing.  At this point in time, art has to serve something bigger than itself…without rhetoric or dogma.”




Steven’s work can be found at Art on Park (Lake Park, FL), Gallery 22 (Boca Raton, FL) and Neighborhood Art Gallery (Boynton Beach, FL).  Steven’s main website is . His secondary website is  If you would like to receive Steve’s regular newsletters with drawings and writings, you can sign up there.  To reach Steven for more information please call: 561-317-0112 or email:



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