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Brigitte Balbinot has SOLO Exhibit in Montreal

The Rickie Report is excited to share Brigitte Balbinot’s good news!  She has been invited to have a SOLO exhibit at a contemporary gallery of art in Montreal in June!  If you’re in the area, you can stop by,  if you have friends in the area, you can tell them about this exhibit, and if you cannot be there in person, Brigitte has a fabulous website!



Galerie d’Art



Cross Over



Brigitte Balbinot





Cross Over is the link between two series of Modern Abstract Paintings called Raw and Humanity, The Missing Link by Artist Brigitte Balbinot. In this exhibit, Artist Balbinot is showcasing various mediums and techniques to depict her unique vision. Raw: This collection is based on pure energy, the “rawness” of life. It was created with carefree bold gestural movements, inspired by the energy of life itself at its peak. The flamboyant colors and the more neutral tones represent the very contrast of life. Humanity, The Missing Link: This new collection of oil paintings is based on a deep reflection about our humanity as a whole and the world we live in, its beauty and its flaws. The compositions are created and come about to illustrate what I call the “Missing link”. We act as standalone when in fact we are all so connected. 



She says, “As an Artist, I try to create work that represents the depth of life that brings the viewer to not necessarily think but wonder, question and feel. My aim is to promote an emotional rather than an intellectual response to the work I create.


Exhibit Details:


6 – 8 pm


L’espace contemporain galerie d’art de Montréal

5175 avenue Papineau, Montréal (514) 728-4474

mardi-mercredi 12 h à 18 h, jeudi-vendredi 12 h à 20 h samedi-dimanche 12 h à 17 h

Tuesday-Wednesday 12 – 6 PM, Thursday – Friday, 12- 8PM, Saturday – Sunday 12-5 PM.




Brigitte declares, “ I AM… therefore I PAINT! With an unquenched thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world around me, the canvas is my playground.”


Her artist statement goes on to share,  “When beginning a new painting, I try to let go of the intellectual side and the ego, the part of us that allows for judgment and egotistic behaviors, and channel the inspiration that may be brought by humanity in its organized as well as in its chaotic state. Art to me is a link that connects each and every one of us.”




In 2011, Brigitte started painting with oils, alkyds, waxes and resins.  As her work developed, she began using larger canvases.  She is eager to experiment with different objects, using them as tools to make her paintings distinctive.




In a review by Carrie Turner, editor of Fine Art Views ( March, 2013), art critic Brian Sherwin is cited, “The compositional structure and use of raw texture in Brigitte Balbinot’s paintings allow the imagination of the viewer to decipher meaning based on what he or she brings, psychologically speaking, to the viewing experience”.  




What we see are intense colors, vigorous use of brushes, spatulas, sanders, Q-tips and pallet knives. The results cover the spectrum from softness to rough texture.  We can feel the artist’s energy and imagine her creating this painting. Then we let it resonate within ourselves.

Brigitte Balbinot

It may take several weeks and sometimes months for a painting to be completed. Balbinot usually works on many canvases at the same time.  She says, “I know my work is done when after several passes I can look at it and feel that it needs nothing more from me to be alive.”



The Rickie Report is pleased to focus on Brigitte’s art and creative voice.  In addition to her original paintings, she offers limited edition prints and cards of her significant images. For more information about Brigitte’s paintings, please visit:



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