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The Perfect Way to Celebrate Earth Day! The Koi Fish Are So Real You Don’t Need to Fill a Pond!

The Rickie Report has written about Han’s artistic skills in the past and his work is showcased at Art on Park, the gallery of the Artists of Palm Beach County.  Han’s newest work is innovative and as you look at it, you wll swear that those fish are really swimming! We think it is a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day!

E-Koi Pond-Whole
Han is putting finishing touches on this Koi Pond on a Concrete Living Room Floor  13′ x 11′
One look at Han’s website tells it all.  You can see his appreciation and gratitude for nature as you look at his work.  While Han’s favorite medium is oil, he also enjoys working in watercolor and acrylic.
E-Koi Pond-Full 2
Close up of Koi Pond Painting
Han’s preference for realism is apparent – it looks like the koi fish in the painting are swimming up to his hand , waiting to be fed!  His gift is sharing all of the details nature provides.  He tells The Rickie Report, “I take real delight in painting landscapes”.
E-Koi Pond-Blue Flower
Close up of the Koi Pond – Notice the Blue Flower and the Frog on the Lily Pad


Han’s Custom Painting, 60″ x 48″, “Apples”

Han’s painting career began at an early age and he has not stopped since!  He says, “I get easily inspired by beauty of the nature and I love to paint what I see,” he says.  While he has an  inventory of over 170 paintings in various sizes, Han is ready to paint any subject you would like.  While many artists prefer to paint for their own muse, Han welcomes the opportunity to paint for others.  If you have a family photo, he can paint it in either oil or watercolor.  


E-Lemon-Han-2 “Lemons”, another oversize Custom Painting by Han



Han also understands the benefit of being involved with other artists in the local art community.  He is a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County as well as the Poets of the Palm Beaches.  Han also offers painting lessons.  His philosophy is to help nurture the clients’ abilities and not instill his style upon them.  Han’s artwork ranges from $20. to $1,000.  


Han’s art is often seen at local galleries and competitions. To see his original oils or watercolors, you can make an appointment by calling: 561-741-4170 or visit his website:


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